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Uneven Floors

Uneven floors can be a warning sign of foundational issues that shouldn’t be ignored. At Foundation Recovery Systems, we’ve brought peace of mind to countless homeowners by resolving uneven floors caused by shifting foundations, crawl space issues, and other structural challenges.  You can count on Foundation Recovery Systems for effective solutions. 

Our highly skilled technicians will perform a thorough assessment to pinpoint the underlying causes of your uneven floors and recommend the most effective foundation repair strategies to restore your home’s balance and stability. 

What Are Uneven Floors? 

Uneven floors are what it sounds like—the surface level of a home’s flooring is no longer level, leading to an inconsistent and unstable walking surface.  

These irregularities can manifest as raised humps, sunken areas, or slopes across different parts of the floor, contributing to an overall sense of imbalance.  

Uneven floors are often symptomatic of deeper structural issues, such as foundational shifts, or moisture-related problems in the crawl space. When left unaddressed, these uneven surfaces can not only become a safety hazard but may also indicate worsening structural problems that could have broader implications for your home. 

What Causes Uneven Floors? 

Several causes contribute to cause uneven floors: 

1. Foundation Settlement 

If the soil underneath your home is unstable, it can lead to uneven foundation settling. This is often triggered by the soil’s moisture content fluctuating between wet and dry conditions, which can result in foundation misalignment. 

2. Floor Joists Failing 

In houses with crawl spaces, the wooden beams that support the floor—known as floor joists—may deteriorate over time. Moisture infiltration is commonly the culprit, often because of inadequate crawl space sealing. Regular inspections for moisture and mold can help catch this issue before it worsens. Installing crawl space encapsulation can prevent moisture build-up, safeguarding your floor joists from damage. 

To ensure a long-lasting remedy for uneven floors, our inspectors carry out a detailed inspection of all relevant foundation elements to identify the problem’s core. 

Can Uneven Floors Be Repaired? 

Yes, identifying the root cause is the first critical step in providing targeted and effective repairs for uneven floors. Once the underlying issue has been pinpointed, our skilled technicians can develop a customized repair plan tailored to your home’s specific foundation requirements.  

This customized approach ensures that the repair methods employed will be the most efficient and long-lasting solutions for your particular situation. By taking into account the unique characteristics and needs of your home’s foundation, we can deliver precise and durable repairs, giving you peace of mind and a level floor for years to come. 

How to Fix Uneven Floors 

Foundation Recovery Systems offers a variety of effective repair options to repair your uneven floors. 

Once one of our foundation experts has assessed the issue, they may recommend the following solutions: 

Why Fix Uneven Floors Now? 

Procrastination is not advisable when it comes to uneven floors for several reasons: 

  • Stop the progression of foundation damage 
  • Eliminate safety hazards like trip risks 
  • Prevent secondary issues such as jamming doors and cracking walls 
  • Boost your property value by leveling your floors 
  • Enjoy a safer, more stable home 

With Foundation Recovery Systems, you gain the advantage of leading technology and experienced professionals to permanently address uneven floors. Get your no-obligation free inspection today! 

Contact Foundation Recovery Systems for Uneven Floor Repair 

For permanent solutions for uneven floors, reach out to Foundation Recovery Systems. 

Our specialists in foundation repair are prepared to inspect your home and offer custom repair plans to put an end to the stress of uneven floors. 

Schedule your free inspection today! 

Uneven Floors FAQs

Uneven floors could significantly decrease the value of your home as they usually indicate underlying foundation problems, which are often expensive to fix. 

While new homes generally have fewer issues, improper soil preparation, or rushed construction could lead to foundation problems, resulting in uneven floors. 

Yes, uneven floors can present tripping hazards and may also indicate structural vulnerabilities in the home, posing greater safety risks over time. 

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