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Drywall Cracks

If these walls could talk, they’d tell you that your foundation has a problem. 

If you’re seeing drywall cracks, your walls are screaming for your attention. These cracks aren’t just an eyesore—they’re an urgent message about the health of your home’s foundation.  

With Foundation Recovery Systems on your side, you’re not alone. Read on to decode what your home is trying to tell you. 

What Are Drywall Cracks? 

Drywall cracks are often the silent alarms of underlying foundation issues, specifically foundation settlement.  

Because drywall lacks structural strength, it easily shows signs of distress when there’s a problem below. Ignoring these cracks could mean overlooking serious, and potentially costly, foundation problems. 

Common Indicators: 

  • Diagonal cracks stemming from the corners of doors or windows 
  • Cracks around the door and window frames 
  • Horizontal or vertical lines on walls and ceilings 
  • Spider-web-like cracks on your walls or ceilings 

Even small cracks can be an early warning system for foundation damage. As these cracks grow in size and frequency, your chances of having advanced foundation issues also increase. 

What Causes Drywall Cracks? 

While professional evaluation is always recommended, here are some usual suspects causing those drywall cracks: 

  • Soil Instability: Homes naturally settle over time. But soil erosion or compaction can expedite this process, leading to problematic drywall cracks and jeopardizing your home’s foundation. 
  • Structural Problems: Foundation problems like crumbling footings, sticking windows, or a cracked chimney can lead to drywall cracks on the upper levels of your home.  
  • Home Modifications: Before laying that marble floor or constructing an addition, consider the additional weight and how it might cause your foundation—and your walls—to crack. 
  • Moisture Intrusion: Leaky pipes or inadequate drainage can soften the soil, destabilizing your home’s foundation. 

Ignoring drywall cracks is a gamble with your home’s overall stability. Heed the warnings—your house is communicating with you through those cracks. 

Can You Fix Drywall Cracks? 

Yes, but choosing the right repair may be tricky. Temporary patchwork on minor cracks is an option, but it’s just that—temporary. If you don’t tackle the root of the issue, those cracks will reappear. Don’t settle for superficial solutions; get to the core of the problem. 

Drywall Crack Treatments: 

  • For minor or cosmetic cracks, a simple patch and paint could suffice. 
  • For all other cracks, address the foundational issues first with solutions like foundation piers and crawl space jacks before replacing the damaged drywall sections. 

Why Repair Drywall Cracks Now? 

Ignoring drywall cracks isn’t wise for several reasons: 

  • Cracks only get worse with inaction. 
  • Delaying repair increases costs to repair the root cause and the secondary repairs. 
  • Overlooked cracks can deflate your home’s market value and visual charm. 

How Foundation Recovery Systems Can Permanently Fix Drywall Cracks 

Our experienced experts at Foundation Recovery Systems excel at identifying the actual cause behind drywall cracks. With more than 30 years of service, we offer specialized solutions, including: 

We offer permanent solutions, backed by long-term transferable warranties for ultimate protection. 

Choose Foundation Recovery Systems Today! 

When it comes to unsettling drywall cracks, don’t roll the dice. Trust Foundation Recovery Systems, a respected leader with years of delivering top-notch service

Our satisfied homeowners will attest to our expertise in making both their worries and cracks disappear. 

Secure your home and your peace of mind; schedule your free inspection today. 


Both new and old homes can have drywall cracks if foundational issues are present. It’s not just an issue affecting older houses—all homes are vulnerable. 

DIY methods might offer temporary relief, but without professional evaluation and repair, you risk not addressing the underlying issue. This could lead to more severe structural problems down the road, making it costlier and more complicated to fix later.

Absolutely! While drywall cracks often point to foundation issues, they can also be a symptom of humidity changes, temperature fluctuations, or even poor workmanship during the home’s construction. However, it’s crucial to get an expert evaluation to rule out foundational concerns. 

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