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Cracked Chimney

Nothing transforms a chilly evening like the warm glow of a fireplace. It’s the heart of a home, where memories are made, and stories are shared.  

But what if that inviting fireplace comes with a hidden cost? A cracked chimney could be a red flag for your home’s structural integrity. 

At Foundation Recovery Systems, we’re here to guide you through understanding, diagnosing, and fixing cracked chimneys.  

Don’t let a hidden hazard overshadow your cozy evenings. Read on to secure both your home and peace of mind. 

What Is a Cracked Chimney? 

Chimney cracks can be easily noticeable or hidden, and can appear in the bricks, mortar, or even the chimney’s interior. They’re more than just an eyesore—they can lead to big problems like water leakage, less efficient heating, and an unstable structure. 

Over time, you might also notice spacing between the bricks, which can make the chimney start to tilt or even detach from your home. Contact foundation experts quickly as damage has already progressed a lot. 

What Causes Cracked Chimneys? 

The culprit behind most chimney cracks is shaky ground—literally. The soil around your home plays a big role, especially if it’s the kind that changes a lot with moisture levels, like the expansive clay soils commonly found in our area. 

Let’s break down the soil-related factors that can mess with your chimney: 

  • Too Much Water: Heavy rainfall or melting snow can soak the soil, making it too soft to hold up your chimney. 
  • Erosion: Over time, water can wash away the supporting soil. 
  • Drying and Shrinking: Dry spells can make the soil contract, leaving gaps where your chimney can sink. 
  • Construction Errors: If the soil wasn’t packed down properly before the chimney was built, you’re asking for trouble. 
  • Tree Trouble: Tree roots looking for water and nutrients can move the soil and even break into the chimney structure itself. 

Since many chimneys aren’t built on the same sturdy foundation as the rest of the house, they’re particularly vulnerable to these issues. Once the ground beneath them starts to give way, cracks aren’t far behind. 

Can You Fix Chimney Cracks? 

Absolutely, but a quick DIY fix isn’t going to cut it for the long haul and can be dangerous. Your chimney will just keep shifting if you don’t tackle the root cause. 

At Foundation Recovery Systems, we dig deep—literally—to find a permanent solution. We tailor our services to your home’s specific needs, using advanced foundation pier systems

How to Fix a Cracked Chimney 

Inspection and Diagnosis 

We’ll give your home, foundation, and chimney a full inspection, pinpointing the cracks and any other issues that need attention. 

Install Foundation Piers 

Our foundation piers are commonly the right solution for a tilting chimney. Piers stabilize your chimney and potentially lift it back to its rightful place, closing gaps and cracks. Our experts will determine the best type of pier, either push or helical. In most situations, helical piers are used for chimney repair since they are a lighter structure in comparison to your home. 

Here’s an overview of the typical process: 

  • Dig down to the chimney footer 
  • Use high-tech equipment to drive the pier into the soil 
  • Keep track of the depth and pressure as we go 
  • Advance the screw-like piers until they reach stable soil or bedrock  
  • Attach a durable steel bracket to the footing, ensuring load transfer  
  • Add small markers on the outside bricks as benchmarks 
  • Refill the dug-up soil 

Annual Check-Ups 

To ensure the repairs continue to meet our high standards, we offer a maintenance program and yearly inspections. We’ll check the markers to make sure everything’s holding up as it should. 

Why Address the Chimney Issues Now 

Putting off repairs can turn a small issue into a much more costly, expensive problem. Acting now helps you: 

  • Sidestep safety risks 
  • Block water from getting in and causing more damage 
  • Avoid fire hazards 
  • Save money in the long run 
  • Boost your home’s resale value 

Trust Foundation Recovery Systems for durable chimney repair and stabilization. 

Contact Foundation Recovery Systems for Solid Chimney Fixes 

Your home is far more than just bricks and mortar; it’s where your family grows, and memories are cherished.  

When it comes to safeguarding that sacred space, experience really does matter. With over three decades in the business of stabilizing chimneys, Foundation Recovery Systems is a name you can trust for robust, lasting solutions.  

We bring  decades of expertise to your doorstep, offering you the peace of mind that can only come from true professionals.  

Don’t leave your home’s safety to chance—schedule a free inspection today.  

Secure your chimney and make sure your future evenings by the fireplace are warm and worry-free. 


Temporary DIY solutions won’t last. For a truly solid fix, you should seek professional help. Contact Foundation Recovery Systems for a free inspection.

Time is of the essence. Don’t wait for minor issues to turn into major catastrophes like a collapsing chimney. 

We use either helical piers or push piers, depending on your home’s specific needs. Get in touch for a free consultation and tailored repair plan.

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