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Slab Piers

Settlement issues with a slab foundation are as detrimental as issues encountered in basement or crawl space foundations. 

Ignoring signs such as visible cracks or floors that are no longer level can compromise both the safety and structural integrity of your home. 

Foundation Recovery Systems has the ideal answer: Slab Piers. As seasoned foundation repair specialists with more than 30 years of experience, we deliver this enduring, warrantied solution to fortify your home. 

Continue reading to learn how slab piers are an indispensable remedy for your foundation woes. 

What Are Slab Piers? 

Slab piers are custom-made foundation repair elements engineered to offer long-term stability to settling slab foundations. Unlike generic repair methods, slab piers are created specifically with slab foundations in mind. 

These piers function as sturdy pillars that redistribute your home’s weight to firmer, more stable soil layers, preventing further settling and safeguarding your home from soil changes and shifts. 

Not only do slab piers provide foundational stability, but they can also restore your home closer to its original position. 

Moreover, integrating slab piers into your home improvement plans can contribute to overall structural well-being, complementing other services like basement waterproofing and crawl space repair. They are a critical aspect of a whole-home strategy to preserve your home’s lifespan. 

Signs You Need Slab Piers 

If your home displays any of the symptoms below, it’s likely that your slab foundation requires stabilization through slab piers: 

While these signs might seem like cosmetic issues initially, they are red flags signaling a weakening foundation that demands immediate attention. 

Reach out to certified foundation repair experts like Foundation Recovery Systems at the earliest sign of trouble. 

Are Slab Piers Necessary? 

Yes. Neglecting the indicators of a settling foundation only worsens the situation, resulting in more complicated and pricier repairs in the future. 

Timely intervention with slab piers can stop additional damage and bring peace of mind. View this as an essential aspect of a complete home wellness strategy that is cost-effective and enhances your home’s value over time. 

At Foundation Recovery Systems, we recognize each home has unique needs, and we offer a full spectrum of foundation, basement, crawl space, and concrete repair solutions. We’ll suggest precisely what your home needs for long-term safety and stability. 

What Are the Benefits of Slab Piers? 

Foundation Recovery Systems prides itself on offering slab piers that are unmatched in durability and effectiveness. Customized installations yield a host of advantages: 

  • Stop Further Settlement: The piers halt additional sinking by transferring your home’s weight to stable soil.  
  • Correct Settled Areas: Strategic placement of piers aims to reposition the settled areas of your slab foundation.  
  • Lasting Stability: A permanent fix ensures that your home remains secure indefinitely.  
  • Boost Home Value: A strong foundation is a key asset that makes your property more appealing to potential buyers.  
  • Lifetime Warranty: Our slab piers come with a transferrable lifetime warranty for your reassurance. 

Foundation Recovery Systems’ proprietary techniques and seasoned expertise ensure maximum benefits for your foundation repair needs. 

How We Install Slab Piers 

Slab pier installation is slightly different from our other foundation pier systems—helical and push. 

 Here is a look at how our certified installers approach slab pier installation: 

  • Comprehensive inspection by our experts 
  • Removal of affected flooring 
  • Auger a hole through the slab, exposing the footing 
  • Insert a bracket under the footing 
  • Extend pier sections into the ground 
  • Monitor pier depths and capacities 
  • Cap off the pier 
  • Place a bracket on the slab 
  • Transfer the home’s weight onto the pier 
  •  Pour cement into the hole and ensure a smooth finish  

As a leading foundation repair organization, Foundation Recovery Systems is your go-to source for permanent slab pier installation. 

Why Our Slab Piers Are the Best Choice for Your Home 

In addition to the benefits mentioned earlier, our slab piers stand out for several other reasons: 

  • Precision-engineered for slab foundations  
  • Tailored to meet your specific needs  
  • Unique design for maximum stability and lifting capacity  
  • Backed by an extensive lifetime warranty  
  • Supported by ongoing service and maintenance plans 

Contact Foundation Recovery Systems for Slab Piers Today! 

Never underestimate any foundation damage, regardless of its size. 

Don’t put your home’s stability or your family’s safety on the line. Get in touch with Foundation Recovery Systems today for a free, no-obligation inspection to restore your peace of mind. 

Trust us to permanently stabilize your foundation with our unmatched slab piers, expert installation, and lifetime warranty. 


Yes, slab piers are considered a permanent solution for stabilizing a sinking slab. However, the effectiveness can be influenced by factors like installation quality, so make sure you choose a reputable company with a proven track record.

Our skilled teams generally complete slab pier installations within 1 to 2 days, although the exact time can vary based on the number of piers needed. Reach out for a free inspection and more details about the installation timeline. 

Slab piers are typically needed when a concrete slab starts to sink or settle due to soil instability, changes in soil moisture, or other underlying issues. Symptoms may include visible cracks in the slab or adjacent walls, uneven floors, or difficulty opening and closing doors and windows

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