IntelliBrace™ Wall Repair System

As with our wall anchors, the Intellibrace™ system both stabilizes and straightens foundation walls.


Straightening a cracked, bowing wall requires something to counteract the external forces causing the wall to fail. Whereas some of the products Foundation Recovery Systems use are designed only to stabilize foundation walls, there are several that can actually straighten a bowing wall by counteracting these forces. These include the Intellibrace™ System.

Closeup of IntelliBrace in Fall

IntelliBrace™ System

Whether your home has poured concrete or block walls, if wall anchors are not an option due to issues such as insufficient yard space, obstructions within the soil, or other manmade or natural obstacles (such as decks, sidewalks or trees), the Intellibrace™ system may be the best way to stabilize them. Utilizing specially designed brackets to attach to the joists and floor system, transferring the load appropriately, the Intellibrace™ system eliminates the possibility of damage to wood floor joists commonly seen with other I-beam systems.

The Intellibrace™ System is made from heavy-duty galvanized steel that won’t corrode over time, so it maintains a clean appearance in your home. It also features a tightening system that allows the wall to be straightened over time. And because it doesn’t require soil excavation, the Intellibrace™ System can be installed year-round — often in just one day.

Installing the IntelliBrace™ System

Zinc-plated heavy steel beams are cut to length to match your home’s wall height. Then these beams are tightly secured against the wall via brackets anchored to the home’s floor joists and basement floor. Once installed, the Intellibrace™ System can be tightened little-by-little over time by the homeowner, which not only stabilizes the wall but also straightens it — often to its original position. 


As with our wall anchors, the Intellibrace™ system both stabilizes and straightens foundation walls. Unlike wall anchors, this system requires no soil excavation, so it can be installed year-round and with no disturbance to the lawn and landscaping. Because earth anchors must be buried several feet into the yard, they are typically not an option if the neighborhood’s homes are spaced close together, or if there are utility lines or other obstacles in the soil. 

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