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Wall and Floor Leak in Basement

DIY Wall Sealants versus Hiring a Local Waterproofing Professional

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DIY wall sealants may be all the rage, but they’re not the answer to your basement problems. Think of it as a painkiller that soothes a tooth. You might feel better now, but you know the relief won’t last. What you need is a lasting solution to your basement leaks. 

a sealant will not fix leaking walls

How effective are sealants? 

When the basements get wet, many people in Kansas City, MO, resort to wall sealants to fix their problems. These products are cheap, easy to apply, and seem to offer instant relief. But there’s a downside that few readily acknowledge. Wall sealants alone can’t stop water for good. Water will continue seeping into the basement. 

A sealant will lock out water and moisture for as long as its bond lasts. The application involves filling the caulk gun with the sealant and applying it to the affected part. Within minutes, the sealant will dry up and form a protective layer that’s resistant to moisture. Efflorescence, any present water, and any lingering moisture will weaken the sealant’s bond until it eventually peels off. 

A better idea would be to use sealants alongside other basement waterproofing solutions. This approach will yield better results. But if you choose to apply a wall sealant alone, you can expect it to come off and the walls will leak again. The point we’re trying to make is that no DIY waterproofing can restore your basement. While you might save money, the cycle of dryness and moisture will be the norm. It’s best that you let a pro diagnose your problem and apply a lasting fix. 

Why you should avoid basement wall sealants 

First, wall sealants won’t adhere to your concrete wall, especially if you’re applying them directly onto a wet crack. Should a wall crack reopen, a second application won’t adhere and seal the crevice. Applying caulk or hydraulic cement won’t produce any results, as you’ll have lost access to the original crack. Mud and mineral deposits will now cover the crack and the concrete around it will become damp because of the water that’s trapped right inside. 

The curing property of sealants might seem like a benefit until you realize some cracks require containment within the crack so they can cure. And this may take some hours. Containment depends on a number of things. If the waterproofing membrane has air gaps or the soil is poorly compacted, or the resin less viscous, the epoxy might get to the soil. Should bleeding occur, your injection will fail, as the resin won’t fill up and adhere to the crack properly. 

The last reason you should avoid sealants is that they’re inflexible. For instance, they won’t accommodate crack movements. Hydrostatic pressure and soil shifts could tear up the area surrounding the wall cracks. 

Why hire a local basement waterproofing contractor? 

Perhaps you’re wondering why you should commission a basement waterproofing contractor in Kansas City, MO, when everyone around is attempting a DIY. It’s because they want to save some money. But is it really worth it? That’s a big no. Self-repair doesn’t always yield the best outcome. Let the professionals handle the repairs the best way they know how. 

If you work 9-5, you may not have the time to fix the cracks on your wall. Add this to the other responsibilities that jostle for your time and attention, and you’ll see why you’re better off hiring a professional. 

DIY shows make wall repairs look like child’s play. But things can go wrong if you miss a step during application. Professionals have been sealing walls for years, and they rarely make the kind of mistakes DIY enthusiasts oftentimes do. Why? The experts are knowledgeable and experienced. Plus, they can handle all the pressure that comes with fixing a leaking wall without cracking under pressure. 

A professional will uncover the root problem and recommend a lasting fix. This is what many people miss when they go the DIY route. Your contractor works with hindsight. If there are other problems, they will point them out and resolve them as well. You will also benefit from any further recommendations they make like installing a sump pump or an interior drainage system like BasementGutter™ to deal with potential floods. 

What happens when you apply a sealant and the leak goes from bad to worse? You will be utterly disappointed and forced to go back to the drawing board. No so with a professional contractor. If the crack reopens or seepage recurs, they will fix it for you at no charge. You won’t spend a dime on additional repairs, as they’re liable for leaks. It’s all in there in the warranty. For fast and hassle-free wall crack repairs and basement waterproofing in Kansas City, MO, get in touch with the professionals at Foundation Recovery Systems. We’ll provide you with a free basement waterproofing inspection and quote and help you resolve your moisture issues for good.

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