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How To Deal With Moist Basement Issues

A damp basement in Kansas City, MO, is a hotbed of many issues that could make your once warm and livable home moldy, smelly, and cold.

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A clean, dry and pest-free basement may seem elusive when you don’t understand what is afflicting your basement and more so how to solve it. You may find yourself solving one problem after the other but not quite getting water out of your basement. By knowing what problems might arise, you can take appropriate measures.

If you have perennial moisture problems, ask your basement contractor to carry out an inspection first to diagnose the issue. Aside from uncovering the problem, they will offer you a solution. Without much ado, let’s jump straight into wet basement problems.

Types of Basement Problems

Your moist basement can cause a myriad of problems. The more you let these issues linger the more complex and costly they will become to fix. Take action as soon as you notice one or more of the following issues.

Cracks in the basement may occur because of the freezing and thawing of water. When this happens, the water exerts some force on your concrete floor, causing it to crack. Ask your basement contractor to seal the crack and stop it from widening.

When water or moisture comes into contact with wall paint, it’s going to peel it off or cause it to warp. The solution is to keep the basement dry. Consider installing a dehumidifier if condensation is the problem.

Your basement is also going to be susceptible to mold growth, and you know what kind of problems mold spore can cause. When you inhale mold spores, you can develop respiratory problems and headaches. That means more hospital visits. Mold remediation is the answer to black mold.

Water that enters the basement can get into contact with organic materials such as wooden fixtures, pest droppings, and mold. The outcome is a stench that may dissipate right into your living space above. Cleaning and deodorizing the basement will eliminate the bad smell.

Radon can also seep through cracks in your foundation walls into the basement and diffuse in water. You may not realize radon gas is collecting in the basement as it’s colorless and odorless. If you suspect radon is accumulating, seek professional help. Testing will reveal the quantity of the gas in your home.

Pest and insect infestation is another effect of leaving your basement damp and dark. Termites, rats, mice, and cockroaches may come in and start breeding. When they start multiplying, they will come into your home above and cause all kinds of problems. Don’t let them.

If you notice one or more of the above basement problems, get in touch with your local basement contractor and have them fix the underlying issue as soon as possible.

How Do I Know If My Basement is at Risk?

As long as you have a basement in Kansas City, MO, you can expect moisture to enter and condense in the basement. However, some homes are more prone than others for the following reasons:

  • Plumbing issues: Homes with leaky pipes or broken t-joints will let water into the basement. This can make this area damp and moldy.
  • Basement cracks: Any crack that you’re going to leave unattended will eventually let in water to your basement. Small cracks can also grow and cause structural problems, so fix them as soon as possible.
  • Soil settlement: If your home is settling or built on soil that’s not properly compacted, then there is the risk that cracks could develop and let in moisture into the basement.
  • Hill or inclinations: The same goes for a home that’s built on the lower surface of a slope or below a hill. Water may flow right into your basement during a downpour.
  • Floodplains: Any home that sits in a floodplain will almost always let water into the basement. You can create external drains and footing around the perimeter of your wall to help stop running water.
  • Faulty gutters and downspouts: When these are loose or broken or clogged, they won’t channel water properly and most of it may end up in your basement.

Struggling to keep your basement dry and clean? Call our experienced basement experts and schedule an inspection. We shall give you a free basement waterproofing estimate once we diagnose the source of moisture.

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