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How to Find a Top Basement Waterproofing Contractor

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So your basement has water or moisture issues and you want it fixed urgently. Don’t just hire any contractor who shows up on a Google or Bing Search. Look for an adept contractor with the requisite experience in basement repairs. They can help you deal with recurring moisture or water problems and fix structural issues that threaten the structural integrity of your home.

With so many basement waterproofing contractors out there, how do you find the right guys for the job? Here are a couple of things that will help you hire a good contractor for the next basement project.

Valid license

Before you sign any contract, find out whether the basement contractor holds a valid license. This document is proof that the contractor is qualified to undertake basement waterproofing and repairs. It also shows you what they’re licensed to do in your state or municipality. Another reason is that most basement projects require building permits because of the nature of the work. If the contractor is licensed, they can obtain permits quickly and get down to work.

Workers compensation insurance

Risks are present in basement repairs. An employee could get injured on the job. When this happens, you don’t want to be held liable or get stuck with a hefty hospital bill. When you hire a contractor, ask for a copy of their policy coverage, and then call their insurance to confirm their coverage is active. Do this to protect yourself or friends who come and help.

Labor warranty

Not every project goes to plan. Sometimes, the installers or workers could damage your basement, necessitating more repairs and more expenses. Without a warranty to protect your project, you’ll suffer financial loss. Ask the contractor what warranty they offer and whether it’s transferable.

Clear timelines

Every basement waterproofing or repair job has a start and end date. Find out what timelines the contractor gives for a project. Some repairs could take one day, others two days, while others even a week. Let them tell you what they will be doing day by day so you can plan and budget accordingly. Anyone who doesn’t give a clear time and explanation isn’t a good fit for your basement repairs.

Honesty and transparency

We can’t emphasize how important both values are when dealing with basement waterproofing contractors. Find someone who’ll give you honest opinions and estimates. A good contractor should also be able to answer your questions in a straightforward way. Anyone who dances around subjects or who doesn’t give proper explanations or offer the right solutions isn’t a good fit for your job. Who knows? They could just be after your money.

Free and fair quotes

It’s almost a standard practice for basement contractors in Springfield, MO, to offer their customers free initial inspections and repair quotes. A contractor should offer you a free quote for your next project. Anyone who asks for payment to inspect your basement for the first time isn’t likely a good choice. Ditch them and look for another contractor who’s happy to carry out a free inspection and supply you with a free quote plus recommendations to fix your basement issues.

Understands your problem

When shopping around, find out whether the contractors understand your basement problems or needs. Money is involved, so you want someone who cares to listen to your financial parameters as well. If the contractor doesn’t seem to care about your needs or pushes solutions down your throat, don’t hire that contractor.

High-quality materials

We all want the best for our basement, and this includes the choice or selection of materials. Quality products and materials mean your basement will hold up for many years. Substandard materials do the exact opposite. Be sure that the contractor uses superior materials in your project. If they can’t make a guarantee on the quality of basement products and material, they aren’t the right guys for the job.

Good customer ratings or reviews

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure the local basement waterproofing contractor has positive or strong BBB ratings. Also, check their Yelp and Google Reviews. What are their customers saying? Are they happy or satisfied with the contractor’s work? If most reviews are positive, then it means the contractor has good standing and they can do a satisfactory job.

Basements are prone to leaks and damage. Since repairs are expensive, you want to be sure you’re hiring the right basement waterproofing contractors to tackle the job for you. There’s no need to hire someone who will do a shoddy job, use substandard material and charge you double the amount another contractor will charge you.

If you have a waterproofing project or need urgent basement repairs in Springfield, MO, get in touch with us. We’re happy to supply you with a free basement waterproofing quote and give your solid recommendations in writing.

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