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Over Spanned Floor Joists

If your home has sagging, uneven, and bouncy floors, it is not only a nuisance but also a safety risk. Often, this is caused by over spanned floor joists beneath your home in the crawl space. 

Preserving your home’s structural health means addressing any issues with floor joists head-on. Foundation Recovery Systems excels in offering premier crawl space repair services specifically for correcting over spanned floor joists, utilizing the robust SettleStop™ IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Jacks to repair your home’s stability and security. 

This guide will provide you with a detailed understanding of over spanned floor joists, their origins, and the remedies available. Discover why Foundation Recovery Systems is your trusted partner for crawl space repair needs in your area. 

What Are Over Spanned Floor Joists? 

These structural challenges occur when the floor joists, which are the horizontal supports for your main floor, are spread too widely or lack the strength to support the load adequately.  

This issue can weaken your home’s floors, leading to: 

Ensuring the correct span of your joists is imperative to keep floors stable and strong, holding up against the weight of the home and everyday use. It’s vital to act quickly when these problems arise to stop further damage and maintain your home’s safety and integrity. 

What Causes Over Spanned Floor Joists? 

Several factors can lead to over spanned floor joists, such as: 

  • Water Exposure: Moisture and damp conditions in crawl spaces can distort wood joists, causing them to sag. 
  • Pest Issues: Wood-consuming pests, like ants and termites, compromise joist strength. 
  • Foundation Complications: When foundations settle or shift, it can distribute stress unevenly on joists. 
  • Original Building Flaws: Mistakes during construction may result in joists being set too far apart, failing to provide necessary support. 
  • Natural Wear and Tear: Over time, floors and joists can degrade without sufficient additional support. 

Detecting and resolving these issues early stops long-term damage to your home’s structure. Routine checks and maintenance are key to spotting these problems before they escalate, ultimately saving costs and effort. 

Can You Fix Over Spanned Floor Joists? 

Yes, it is possible to repair issues with over spanned floor joists, and addressing this promptly is important to stop further damage. 

Temporary fixes, like sistering joists or installing makeshift supports, may not provide the complete stability needed for weakened flooring. Likewise, using DIY methods and materials from local hardware stores can prove to be ineffective and costly. 

The proper repair of over spanned floor joists demands a thorough strategy that supports the entire floor structure. Foundation Recovery Systems offers diverse solutions that deliver the necessary reinforcement and steadiness, preventing additional damage and securing the longevity of your residence. 

How Foundation Recovery Systems Repairs Over Spanned Floor Joists 

To effectively resolve the problem, our team: 

  • Conducts an inspection of the crawl space to assess damage and plan repairs. 
  • Custom-cuts steel IntelliJack™ supports to match the crawl space height. 
  • Installs a strong concrete base in the crawl space for the supports. 
  • Constructs the IntelliJack™ system, linking it to the base and the floor joists. 
  • Adjusts the jacks to stabilize and, if possible, lift the floors back to their original position. 
  • Implements crawl space waterproofing with a drainage system and sump pump. 
  • Seals vents and replaces old crawl space doors. 
  • Insulates the crawl space walls. 
  • Encapsulates the area with a heavy-duty vapor barrier
  • Installs a dehumidifier to control moisture levels. 
  • Offers ongoing maintenance to ensure the systems remain effective. 

With Foundation Recovery Systems, you’ll receive tailored solutions that surpass standard products, providing superior results for your home. While the IntelliJack™ system addresses structural needs, additional crawl space services tackle moisture issues that contribute to floor joist damage. 

Why Address Over Spanned Floor Joists Now 

Immediate repair of over spanned floor joists is imperative for various reasons: 

  • Stop Further Damage: Early intervention prevents additional deterioration of your home’s structure. 
  • Safety Assurance: Stability in your home’s floor structure is essential for the safety of your family. 
  • Property Value: Resolving these structural concerns can help maintain or enhance your home’s market value. 
  • Financial Prudence: Early repairs can help you avoid more costly interventions later. 

Choose Foundation Recovery Systems and our proprietary, high-quality solutions for a comprehensive answer to over spanned floor joists. Our approach is designed to be effective and long-lasting, giving your home the full support it requires. 

Contact Foundation Recovery Systems for Reliable Crawl Space Repair Solutions 

Do not delay in tackling the issue—sagging and uneven floors due to over spanned floor joists signal significant structural concerns. Foundation Recovery Systems is your reliable source for addressing such issues. 

Contact Foundation Recovery Systems for a free inspection and to explore your repair options. Our skilled team is prepared to design a strong stabilization strategy that will sustain your floors for years to come. 

Begin the process to guarantee the stability and security of your home. 


The duration to fix the issue depends on the extent of damage, the area’s size needing repair, and the repair technique used. The teams at Foundation Recovery Systems are dedicated to working efficiently to reduce any inconvenience and complete repairs promptly. We’ll give you a precise timeline during our free inspection

The cost can vary, depending on the level of damage and the required solutions. Foundation Recovery Systems offers free inspections, commitment-free estimates, straightforward pricing, and a variety of financing alternatives

Fixing over spanned floor joists is not recommended as a DIY task. Attempting it alone can jeopardize your home’s integrity and your own safety. Professional intervention ensures more effective and higher quality repairs and the assurance that the problem is fully resolved. Reach out to Foundation Recovery Systems for a free inspection and repair quote.

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