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Bouncy Floors

Stable and firm floors are expected in any home. If there’s a noticeable bounce as you walk, this is a red flag that needs immediate attention. 

Such signs typically indicate deeper structural problems that require urgent repair. 

Foundation Recovery Systems excels in identifying and remedying these issues swiftly. Our crawl space repair services are designed to address the fundamental issues causing saggy floors, avoiding future structural damage. 

What Are Bouncy Floors? 

Bouncy floors signal that the underlying support systems of your floor are compromised. This problem is commonly found in houses with crawl spaces. 

Other signs of bouncy floors include: 

These issues can be symptomatic of a structural problem. Act quickly by contacting a crawl space repair expert like Foundation Recovery Systems

Why Your Home Has Bouncy Floors 

Pinpointing the cause of bouncy floors is essential for lasting repair. 

Common causes include: 

  • Joists That Are Overstretched: Joists that are set too widely apart or are too long can result in too much flexing. 
  • Inadequate Support: When foundational supports such as beams or posts are incorrectly positioned or have shifted, they become ineffective, leading to bouncy floors. 
  • Weakened Joists: Exposure to moisture, decay, pest infestation, or wear and tear can all weaken wooden joists over time. 
  • Excessive Weight: Heavy household items or appliances can overburden the joists. 
  • Shifts in Foundation: Alterations in the foundation can cause undue strain on the floor’s support structures. 

Repairing bouncy floors typically necessitates crawl space support restoration. Our experts thoroughly investigate these issues when inspecting bouncy floors. 

Can You Fix Bouncy Floors? 

Absolutely, bouncy floors can be repaired. 

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to address this with comprehensive repair strategies rather than temporary fixes. Big box store remedies and DIY projects often fail to solve the fundamental problem and could introduce new risks. 

Thorough repair involves pinpointing and rectifying the root causes of the bounce. Foundation Recovery Systems employs a comprehensive approach to ensure lasting repair. 

Our team conducts in-depth inspections to determine what’s causing your floor’s instability and then crafts specialized strategies to support and potentially elevate your floors back to their original positioning. 

How to Fix Bouncy Floors 

Our process for addressing sagging floors involves these precise steps: 

Professional Crawl Space Inspection 

We start with a thorough inspection of your crawl space to identify the key factors leading to floor sagging. 

Identify Causes and Solutions 

After inspecting, we analyze the findings to accurately pinpoint the underlying issues. This diagnostic process guides our choice of the most suitable repair options. 

Strengthen Floors with SettleStop™ IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Jacks 

We often employ IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Jacks to provide substantial support to compromised floor joists. 

Tailoring to Crawl Space Dimensions 

Each crawl space is distinct; hence we customize the IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Jacks to the precise measurements needed for your specific crawl space. 

Precise Height Adjustment 

Our technicians meticulously calibrate the IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Jacks to the exact height necessary to stabilize and potentially realign your floors correctly. 

The IntelliJack™ system is renowned for its impressive load capacity, able to support over 24,000 lbs. per jack, far surpassing basic hardware store solutions.  

Foundation Recovery Systems’ method targets the core issue, ensuring stability and a strengthened foundation for long-term security and peace of mind. Trust us for a definitive solution to your sagging floor concerns. 

Why Address Bouncy Floors Now 

Ignoring bouncy floors can lead to escalated hazards over time.  

Quick intervention guarantees: 

  • Safety: Remove trip risks for a safer household.  
  • Prevention: Address issues early to circumvent more extensive, expensive damage.  
  • Comfort: Secure a steady, noise-free living space.  
  • Property Value: Safeguard and possibly increase your home’s market value.  

Our tailored solutions effectively target the specific challenges presented by bouncy floors, guaranteeing exceptional outcomes for your home. 

Contact Foundation Recovery Systems for Reliable Crawl Space Repair Solutions 

Act immediately if you notice bouncy floors in your residence. Depend on Foundation Recovery Systems for an effective solution. 

Our team is equipped with advanced diagnostic tools, custom solutions, and extensive expertise, ready to reinforce and stabilize your floors. Reach out to schedule a free inspection and get a no-obligation repair quote. Rest assured; we are with you at every stage. 


Structural repairs are intricate and typically necessitate professional expertise to ensure they’re performed safely and last. Our team has the necessary tools and skills for secure, efficient repairs. We offer a free inspection and quote. 

Repair time varies depending on the severity of the damage. Our experts are committed to working quickly to reduce any inconvenience and will give you an estimated repair timeline after a free inspection of your space. 

The cost is dependent on the extent of the damage, size of the repair area, and the repair approach used. We pride ourselves on clear pricing, offering free inspections, no-obligation estimates, and various financing choices.

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