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Crawl Space Insulation Replacement & Installation

man installing crawl space insulation and encapsulation materials

Are chilly floors, drafts, and soaring energy bills common nuisances in your home? You might be surprised to learn that these issues often stem from moisture and energy inefficiencies linked to poor crawl space insulation.

Overlooking these warning signs can worsen the situation, but taking action by installing crawl space insulation safeguards your home. Without this protection, your home may be prone to mold growth and pest invasions.

Comprehensive crawl space encapsulation solutions from Foundation Recovery Systems promote a healthier, more energy-efficient home. As the region’s premier crawl space specialists near you, we proudly serve the Kansas City, St. Louis, Des Moines, and beyond!

What is Crawl Space Insulation? 

man attaching insulation panels to crawl space walls

Crawl space insulation involves installing materials like thick fiberglass batts or various foam types between floor joists or on walls. This insulation regulates temperature and enhances home energy efficiency and indoor air quality. It protects against heat loss and establishes a moisture-resistant crawl space environment.

At Foundation Recovery Systems, crawl space insulation is a critical component of our comprehensive approach to home maintenance. Our encapsulation solutions, including insulation, ensure stable humidity levels, reduce HVAC costs, and improve air quality within the home.

Signs You Need Crawl Space Insulation 

A crawl space can be dangerous, so we don’t recommend you inspect it alone. However, it’s essential to remain informed of the area’s status and the condition of any solutions installed, like crawl space insulation.

While it’s best to leave inspection and repair to the pros, there are several signs you can look for throughout your home, including: 

sagging, uneven floors inside a home

These signs indicate moisture issues that can lead to serious damage and costly future repairs. If you discover any of these problems, schedule a free inspection from local crawl space experts like Foundation Recovery Systems. 

Is Crawl Space Insulation Necessary? 

Neglecting crawl space insulation leads to numerous adverse effects. These issues affect the crawl space and compromise your home’s safety and your family’s health. Crawl space insulation is necessary for protecting your most valuable assets.

DIY insulation methods often fail to resolve underlying issues. Foundation Recovery Systems offers professional installation and comprehensive crawl space solutions to address the underlying causes of damage. We commit to a proactive and complete home care strategy.

Crawl Space Insulation Options 

Many insulation materials exist on the market, but here are the three methods commonly used in crawl spaces across St. Louis, Kansas City, and Des Moines: 

1. Spray Foam Insulation 

This insulation type is sprayed onto crawl space walls and joists and is not the best choice for crawl spaces. Mostly made of closed-cell foam, spray insulation is rigid and prone to damage. In damp crawl spaces, it harbors mold, emits odors, and attracts termites. 

damaged dirty crawl space insulation

2. Fiberglass Insulation 

Fiberglass is the nation’s most widely used insulation type; however, it is not ideal for crawl spaces. 

Fiberglass insulation is installed between crawl space floor joists to regulate indoor floor temperatures. However, its vulnerability to moisture, mold, and pests makes it unsafe and unhealthy for this area. 

3. Foam Board Insulation 

Choose thermal foam board insulation like ExTremeBloc™ from Foundation Recovery Systems instead of less effective alternatives. These panels are cut on-site to fit and installed on interior walls for optimal crawl space insulation.

ExTremeBloc™ features reflective surfaces for enhanced heat retention and offers a high insulation value despite being thinner than fiberglass alternatives. 

What Are the Benefits of Crawl Space Insulation? 

When Foundation Recovery Systems installs your crawl space insulation, expect numerous benefits, including:

encapsulated, healthy crawl space and dehumidifier
  • Enhanced moisture control
  • Effective mold prevention
  • Reduced pest infestations
  • Significant long-term energy savings
  • More consistent floor temperatures
  • Improved indoor air quality

Our patented products and comprehensive crawl space encapsulation services are crucial for maintaining a healthy home environment. We use the latest technology and highest-quality materials to outperform conventional alternatives and deliver superior benefits to your home.

How We Install Crawl Space Insulation 

Crawl space insulation can’t do all the work alone; it’s part of a comprehensive crawl space encapsulation system. After conducting a thorough crawl space inspection to identify repair needs, we’ll recommend tailored solutions to address them.

The Foundation Recovery Systems crawl space insulation and encapsulation process includes: 

Trust Foundation Recovery Systems for efficient and effective installation from start to finish. 

Why Our Crawl Space Insulation is the Best Choice for Your Home 

Our exclusive ExTremeBloc™ foam board insulation stands out from standard options due to several key features: 

closeup of ExTremeBlocâ„¢ crawl space insulation
  • Lightweight yet sturdy panels 
  • Environmentally friendly materials 
  • Graphite-infused, expanded polystyrene core 
  • Class A fire safety rating
  • Radiant heat barrier coating 
  • High R-value for exceptional thermal resistance 
  • Integrated termiticide and pest deterrent 
  • Installation includes a gap for easy pest control checks

Contact Foundation Recovery Systems for Crawl Space Insulation Today! 

Foundation Recovery Systems inspector meeting with a homeowner

The condition of your crawl space insulation is crucial for preserving your home’s health. At Foundation Recovery Systems, this understanding drives our commitment to excellence. Homeowners in Kansas City, St. Louis, and Des Moines trust our industry-leading expertise, outstanding customer service, and over 30 years of experience. We invite you to witness this excellence firsthand.

Choosing Foundation Recovery Systems for crawl space insulation and encapsulation means you benefit from a free inspection, a no-obligation estimate, customized solutions, and efficient, long-lasting repairs. Contact us today to transform your crawl space and enhance your home.

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    Crawl Space Insulation FAQs

    Costs vary based on crawl space condition, size, and required repairs. Our free inspection results in a no-obligation estimate, including various financing options.

    While many insulation types last 15-20 years, they can deteriorate from mold and moisture if the crawl space isn’t properly sealed. ExTremeBloc™ by Foundation Recovery Systems is designed as a lasting solution. Contact us for more information and a free inspection. 

    R-value denotes the thermal resistance of materials like crawl space insulation. Higher R-values mean better heat retention. Learn more about our reliable insulation and R-values by contacting us for a free crawl space inspection

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