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Crawl Space Drainage Matting

Excess water in your crawl space is a serious issue, leading to problems such as mold and structural damage. Effective water control is crucial for your home’s health. 

Rely on Foundation Recovery Systems for dependable solutions in crawl space encapsulation and moisture management. 

Our AquaStop™ CrawlSeal™ Crawl Space Drainage Matting is a key element in solving under-home water problems. This matting channels water away, ensuring a dry and healthy crawl space. 

Discover how this innovative product can safeguard your home against moisture issues. 

What is Crawl Space Drainage Matting? 

Crawl space drainage matting plays a vital role in managing moisture, consisting of a sturdy, dimpled mat positioned beneath your house. 

This high-density polyethylene mat efficiently moves water towards your drainage system, contributing significantly to your home’s moisture control. It complements encapsulation and dehumidification efforts, forming a comprehensive moisture solution. The mat also provides support for easier use and storage under a vapor barrier. 

Signs You Need Crawl Space Drainage Matting 

Drainage matting is necessary if you observe: 

These symptoms suggest excess crawl space moisture or drainage issues, necessitating precise identification and repair solutions as soon as possible. 

Is Crawl Space Waterproofing Necessary? 

Absolutely, safeguarding your crawl space against moisture is vital. Neglecting water entry only aggravates the issue, leading to more severe problems and harm to your home’s foundation and structure. 

Attempting a do-it-yourself inspection or installation of matting in your crawl space is inadvisable, considering the potential risks. Moisture indications require immediate attention by professionals. Seeking the services of Foundation Recovery Systems ensures a thorough assessment and precise execution of necessary repairs. 

Delaying the implementation of defensive measures like drainage matting can result in more significant, costlier repairs. Timely intervention not only is economically wise but also protects the durability and health of your living space. 

Incorporating crawl space waterproofing into your regular home maintenance routine reflects our deep commitment to the overall health of your home. Our approach goes beyond simply repelling moisture; it actively encases your crawl space in a protective barrier against dampness, a crucial component of our whole-home approach to maintaining home health. 

What Are the Benefits of Crawl Space Drainage Matting? 

Benefits of adding drainage matting are numerous and include: 

  • Superior moisture redirection away from your foundation. 
  • Enhanced structural safety by reducing wood rot and mold risks. 
  • Better crawl space utility for storage with its protective layer. 

We recommend using our proprietary CrawlSeal™ drainage matting as part of our complete encapsulation system to experience the full benefits. Our products are specially designed and installed to provide superior moisture protection.  

How Drainage Matting Works 

Drainage matting is a critical piece of the complete crawl space encapsulation puzzle. Our approach at Foundation Recovery Systems includes: 

Foundation Recovery Systems is your premier provider for installing this essential system, carrying out the project with precision and attention to detail every step of the way. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your crawl space has received the utmost care. 

Why Our Crawl Space Drainage Matting is the Best Choice for Your Home 

Our drainage matting stands out for: 

  • Custom fit to your crawl space. 
  • Resistance to mold and damage. 
  • Designed for durability and efficiency. 
  • Exceptional drainage capacity. 
  • Complementary to our encapsulation system. 
  • Included in our maintenance service for long-term performance. 

Contact Foundation Recovery Systems for Crawl Space Waterproofing Today! 

Choose to put an end to crawl space dampness now. Our expertise in drainage and encapsulation creates a dry, valuable space in your home. 

For more than 30 years, homeowners have trusted us to transform their crawl spaces. Prevent damage from crawl space moisture with a free inspection from Foundation Recovery Systems. 


The matting begins redirecting water to a sump pump immediately after installation. The speed at which water is diverted depends on the amount of water present, but the matting is designed for efficient drainage to keep your crawl space dry in various conditions. Learn more at a free Foundation Recovery Systems inspection

Yes, our matting is adaptable to any crawl space, customized to fit your specific needs. Schedule a free inspection and estimate with Foundation Recovery Systems for more information. 

For best results and safety, we recommend professional installation. DIY approaches can be risky and ineffective. Our team customizes and integrates the matting with your crawl space needs. Schedule a free inspection with us.

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