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Crawl Space Drainage Installation

crawl space drainage

Crawl space drainage is a trench and pipe method that keeps water out of your home by filtering it to the sump pump.

Leaving water in your crawl space can escalate into major issues like mold, structural harm, and foul smells. Proactively tackling these drainage concerns and encapsulating your crawl space is key to safeguarding your home. Foundation Recovery Systems offers CrawlDrain™, the best drainage system on the market that has successfully kept water out of thousands of homes.

Explore the advantages of this state-of-the-art system on this page and understand how it can work in your area

What is Crawl Space Drainage? 

crawl space drainage pipe opening

Crawl space drainage is a trench and pipe method that manages water accumulation post-heavy rainfall by guiding water away from your foundation and directing it towards the sump pump for removal.

Correctly installed crawl space drainage increases the efficiency of your waterproofing system, ensuring your crawl space stays dry for years to come. CrawlDrain™ is the best crawl space water drainage system because it protects against clogs, which other drainage systems are susceptible to with debris from heavy rain.

CrawlDrain™ is more than just a product; it’s an essential element of a comprehensive home health system. Its correct installation is crucial for the system’s durability and your home’s overall health, representing a smart investment for homeowners. 

Signs You Need Crawl Space Drainage Installed

Be alert for these indications of crawl space drainage issues leading to water accumulation: 

These symptoms point to moisture problems that could evolve into serious complications if ignored. 

Is Crawl Space Drainage Necessary? 

Despite all the solutions for crawl space waterproofing you might find online, proper drainage cannot be overlooked. In fact, it’s vital to keeping your crawls space dry. Ignoring drainage issues can exacerbate the situation, allowing more water infiltration and structural damage

If you encounter any of the issues mentioned, it’s imperative to contact crawl space encapsulation experts to handle the hazards of crawl space encapsulation. DIY solutions like laying tarp or installing more insulation are ineffective and can do more harm than good.

Our comprehensive crawl space waterproofing approach is crucial for the overall protection of your home, guaranteeing a dry, healthy living space. Our encapsulation system, inclusive of CrawlDrain™, offers complete moisture defense. 

What Are the Benefits of Crawl Space Drainage? 

Crawl space drainage, when integrated with other encapsulation essentials, offers multiple advantages: 

  • Enhanced Air Quality: Reducing excess moisture cuts down mold growth and musty smells, leading to fresher indoor air. 
  • Maintained Structural Health: Standing water can cause wood rot and erosion. Effective drainage safeguards your foundation. 
  • Reduced Energy Expenses: Lowering moisture levels also decreases humidity, easing the strain on your HVAC systems and maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures. 

Employing our custom solutions and expert services is key to fully benefiting from these advantages. Our products are designed to surpass standard options, offering reassurance and customization that generic products cannot provide. 

How We Install CrawlDrain™ 

Here’s how Foundation Recovery Systems goes about installing the comprehensive CrawlDrain™ Crawl Space Drainage system: 

  • Perform a detailed inspection to evaluate crawl space conditions. 
  • Seal any open crawl space vents and upgrade crawl space doors
  • Reshape the dirt floor and excavate trenches along the interior crawl space border. 
  • Position the CrawlDrain™ system in the floor trenches. 
  • Cover the drainage system with gravel. 
  • Install a sump pump at the lowest point. 
  • Place drainage matting over the dirt floor, channeling water to the drainage system. 
  • Insulate the crawl space walls with specialized panels. 
  • Encapsulate the area with a robust vapor barrier, covering walls and floor. 
  • Set up a crawl space dehumidifier
  • Arrange for annual maintenance checks to ensure continued protection. 

Foundation Recovery Systems excels in installing the CrawlDrain™ system, providing an efficient and thorough process from inception to completion. 

Why Our Crawl Space Drainage is the Best Choice for Your Home 

Foundation Recovery Systems’ CrawlDrain™ Crawl Space Drainage stands out for its exceptional protective capabilities, ensuring your crawl space and home’s durability and safety. Key reasons our product is superior include: 

  • Tailor-made solutions for individual spaces 
  • High-quality materials for lasting effectiveness 
  • Certification and testing adhering to top industry standards 
  • Detailed evaluations of the entire home 
  • All-inclusive encapsulation system 
  • Yearly maintenance service options 

Contact Foundation Recovery Systems for Crawl Space Waterproofing Today! 

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Promptly addressing moisture issues in your crawl space can prevent them from escalating. Don’t wait—secure your crawl space, home, and family with reliable solutions. Our drainage and encapsulation services create a dry, functional space that enhances value and air quality in your home. 

For more than 30 years, homeowners in Missouri, Illinois, and Iowa have depended on us to convert their crawl spaces into a dry, healthy space. Take charge of your crawl space moisture once and for all. Get in touch with Foundation Recovery Systems for a free crawl space inspection


The time required for CrawlDrain™ installation varies based on the extent of crawl space damage, its size, and the necessary repairs. Foundation Recovery Systems’ teams are proficient in swiftly installing crawl space solutions, typically within a one to two-day timeframe, minimizing disruption in your home. Contact us for more details and to receive a detailed timeline during a free crawl space inspection. 

No, CrawlDrain™ won’t adversely affect your home’s foundation. It is specifically crafted to support and preserve your foundation by efficiently managing water. The installation of CrawlDrain™ doesn’t involve heavy excavation or equipment, making it easily inspectable and maintainable during yearly check-ups. Contact Foundation Recovery Systems for further information on this exclusive product and to schedule a free crawl space inspection

After eliminating any standing water, our experts install a specialized CrawlDrain™ perimeter drainage system to capture leaking water. This water is then funneled to a sump pump. Drainage matting additionally aids in directing water towards these systems. Crawl space encapsulation, insulation, and dehumidification are crucial components too. Reach out to Foundation Recovery Systems to discover more and arrange a free inspection

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