Backup Pump

Our sump pump system can pump out an excess of 11,500 gallons of water on a fully charged battery– that’s enough water to fill a small swimming pool!

Sump pump failure which lead to flood in basement
Sump pump failure can lead to a very serious flood in your basement if you have no backup system in place. You should never count on just one pump to keep your basement or crawl space dry.

Sump pumps consist of a lot of parts and pieces that all work together to make the system function properly. Like any mechanical piece of equipment, those parts and pieces of a sump pump can eventually wear out and cause the whole system to fail.

To prevent this from happening, it’s a good idea to regularly check your sump pump for any maintenance updates. Since it’s not always easy to remember to check the system, it’s best to have a battery backup pump and secondary pump to substitute your regular sump pump in the event of an emergency.

At Foundation Recovery Systems, we install high-quality, powerful sump pump systems that are equipped to protect your basement from water damage.

Battery Backup Sump Pumps

Sump pumps lose power for a variety of reasons. Aside from the obvious power failure, it’s possible for a circuit to trip, especially pumps plugged into GFI outlets. There are also situations where someone mistakenly unplugs the sump pump system and forgets to plug in back in. In the event that any of these situations occur, you’ll be glad you have a backup pump!

Our sump pump system can pump out an excess of 11,500 gallons of water on a fully charged battery– that’s enough water to fill a small swimming pool!

To alert you of power failure, the system sounds an alarm when it runs and silences when the pump cycles off. For your convenience, the alarm can also be hooked up to your home security system so you can be notified by phone.


Sometimes, a homeowner will tie their sump pump system into their generator to keep it powered during outages. However, this only works if you are home (and awake) to turn the system on. Automatic systems typically cost $7,000-$10,000 to install. Because there is only one pump, you will have to secondary system to address heavy rains or primary pump failure.

Some sump systems include a battery that converts DC battery power into AC power to charge your primary pump. Transforming DC power to AC is a highly inefficient process, and these battery backup systems often lose their charge within an hour’s time. Because there is only one pump, you also will not be protected from pump failure or overwhelming water volume.

Water-powered sump pumps use your water supply to run your sump pump system. Thus, they can operate without power. Unfortunately, water-powered pumps pump very slowly and require you to have very high water pressure. They are also wasteful systems, discharging 3-5 gallons of good water for every gallon of groundwater pumped out of your home.

Battery Backup Sump Pumps use a battery and a separate battery-powered sump pump to operate. When a high-quality battery backup is installed, you can pump out thousands of gallons of water on a single charge. And because you have a second pump installed, you’re covered during sump pumps failures and during overwhelming rains as well as during power outages.


sump pump installed in basement
  • Long-Lasting Protection — Our system can outlast generic backup pumps many times over, pumping an incredible 11,500 gallons of water out on a single fully charged battery.
  • Advanced Alarm System — Our system sounds off whenever the battery backup pump cycles on, letting you know so you can respond. Optionally, it hooks up to your home alarm system.
  • Additional Battery Life — For added protection, an additional battery can be attached to a single system, allowing for more than double the pumping time.

Secondary Sump Pump

A primary pump and battery backup pump is typically enough to keep your basement well protected in the event of a flood. However, the battery backup pump can only last as long as the battery allows. If you are away for a long period of time when the battery backup pump is running, it could potentially run out of battery and leave your basement susceptible to flooding. For the ultimate protection, we recommend installing a secondary sump pump as well!