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SafeDri™ Sump Pump System

Sump pump designs have drastically improved throughout the years, coming up with new and better features to protect your basement from flood damage.

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Unfortunately, there still may be some older sump pumps installed in homes and still being sold in the marketplace. Certain pumps are known to easily overheat or clog, leaving you with an unreliable system in the event of a flood.

At Foundation Recovery Systems, we’re proud to provide only the highest-quality cast-iron SafeDri™ Sump Pump System to our customers.

Sump Pump System


Shopping for a sump pump doesn’t have to be a challenge. When you work with a team of contractors through Foundation Recovery Systems, on-site professionals will recommend the SafeDri™ Sump Pump System above all of the rest—and for good reason. 

What Foundation Recovery Systems Looks for in a Sump Pump 

Foundation Recovery Symptoms’ crews aren’t going to fit your home with any old sump pump system. Instead, the professionals in your area make a point of examining several different sump pump systems to determine which of those available to you may best help you overcome your home’s moisture problem. 

Ideally, the sump pump that’s fitted to serve your home needs to score well in the following areas: 

  • Lifespan. Ideally, you’ll want to find yourself working with a sump pump that can last through more than one intense storm. The sump pump that Foundation Recovery Systems fits you with not only needs to have the power to drive water out of your home but a certain degree of longevity built into its system. While no home waterproofing measure is going to last forever, the sump pump you have installed should not only get you through the dryer months of the year but should see you through heavy storms, especially if you have an interior drain or another water removal system in place to help it along. 
  • Reliability. Not only should your sump pump be long-lived, but it should also provide you with consistent service. You don’t want to install a sump pump that claims it can remove upwards of 50 gallons of water from your home per minute to find that it only does so for its first and second runs. Instead, you want to know that you can rely on your sump pump to see you through even the worst storms. Such is the case not only for traditional sump pumps but for their backups, as well, which may help your sump pump retain its overall functionality even after the power goes out in your home. 
  • Capacity. The amount of water a sump pump can move also contributes to its overall effectiveness. If you live in an area, for example, that doesn’t see much rain over the course of the year, and yet you’re still contending with flooding, you may be able to get away with your home waterproofing by installing a sump pump that only moves 20 or so gallons of water per minute. However, if you live in a high-precipitation area, you’ll need a sump pump that works at a higher capacity. If you don’t have one of these pumps in place, the menial work a 20-gallon pump can do for your home won’t help keep your structural supports or your stored belongings safe from damage. 
  • Noise. Sump pumps can be relatively noisy while they work. While their primary function is to protect your home, you’ll still likely want to invest in a sump pump that doesn’t shake the whole house with the noise it makes while operating. With that in mind, Foundation Recovery Systems strives to connect you and homeowners like you with machines that not only can protect your home but that also doesn’t detract from your overall quality of life. 
  • Lifetime Cost. Repairing and replacing a sump pump can turn out to be a costly business if you’re not prepared for the expense. However, you can get ahead of some of those repair fees by first purchasing a sump pump that you know is going to serve you well for an extended period of time. Sump pumps made out of quality materials and that come with longstanding warranties are more likely to serve your home well than their momentarily cheaper counterparts. While the upfront cost may seem daunting, you’ll feel much better in the years to come knowing that you won’t have to replace cheap plastic or other failing parts thanks to the quality of the pump you invested in. 

All About SafeDri™ Sump Pumps 

Foundation Recovery Systems prefers to practice what it preaches—and thus, the SafeDri™ sump pump system meets all of the team’s expectations to the point where it exceeds them. 

What to Expect from SafeDri™ 

The design of the SafeDri™ has evolved over the years, and it comes in various sizes and capacities, meaning you can customize your installation to suit your home. SafeDri™ sump pumps have been rigorously tested to ensure that they uphold the standards that Foundation Recovery Systems values in its home waterproofing measures. 

You and Your Sump Pump 

Of course, you’ll always want to make sure that you’re investing in the sump pump that will serve your home best over the course of the next several years. While the steps involved in the installation of a sump pump are routine, the process of picking one out is entirely individualized. 

With that in mind, don’t hesitate to discuss what kind of services you believe you need with the professionals in your area. The more you talk about the problems you may be having with your basement, crawl space, or foundation, the easier it will be for the professionals you’re working with to fit you with the appropriate sump pump or an equivalent waterproofing solution. 

The parts that make up your sump pump control the entirety of the machine’s integrity and capabilities. With that in mind, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve installed a sump pump that’s not only going to remove water from your home but that’s going to reduce your overall home maintenance costs instead of adding to them. 

The Pros and Cons of Plastics 

At first glance, it can seem like a good idea to cut your losses and try to save money while installing a sump pump. This, however, is not always the case. 

Plastic sump pumps may seem like a cheaper alternative to cast iron sump pumps, but they often overheat and fail. Depending on the severity of the failure, the damage and flooding can result in costly repairs—ones that you might not have had to contend with had you purchased a slightly more expensive pump in the first place. 

The Pros and Cons of Cast Iron 

Cast iron sump pump parts aren’t like your cast-iron kitchen appliances. There’s no need to season anything here. Instead, you can rely on cast iron sump pump parts to withstand long-term exposure to moisture while protecting your home. 

As you might expect, SafeDri™ Sump Pumps are made with cast iron. Unlike other pumps, which may use plastic to reduce their product’s overall cost, SafeDri’s™ cast iron parts will transfer the heat without warping. As the heat reaches the cold water outside the motor, it dissipates and cools the metal, which in turn prevents the motor from overheating. 

No matter how carefully you clean your basement, odds are the pump will eventually have to deal with some debris. You’ll want to make sure that your pump can handle that kind of backup when you’re first installing it, or you may find yourself having to snake out debris on your own. 

Contending with Clogs 

Several of the sump pumps available on the market have screened intakes. While these intakes can change the overall appearance and functionality of a home sump pump, they can also make it easier for a pump to clog. 

Comparatively, SafeDri™ systems have a no-screen intake and an impeller that can deal with debris up to a half-inch in size. This means that come fall, when the leaves start to drop, or spring, when winter runoff carries debris with it, you can rest assured knowing that you won’t see a backflow of water into your home. 

Additional Home Protective Measures 

There are other protective measures that you can invest in to help stay on top of your pump’s overall condition, whether you’re concerned about clogs or other failures. These accessories can include: 

  • Alarms. If your pump fails to turn on in the midst of a storm or flood, then alarms affiliated with the system can start to go off to let you know that something’s wrong. 
  • Sump liners. Sump pump liners help keep the inner workings of your sump pump secure, even after long-term exposure to high levels of moisture or excessive standing water. 
  • Airtight lids. The water that makes its way into your home isn’t always the cleanest. An airtight sump pump lid helps keep those unpleasant smells—and additional humidity—from reaching the rest of your home. 
  • Sump stands. Sump pump stands help separate your pump from its liner, meaning that any debris a liner pulls away from the pump won’t come into contact with the pump’s sensitive inner works. 
  • FreezeGuard™ Discharge line protections. Any degree of freezing weather that starts to impact your home can have a devastating effect on your sump pump. The inner workings of your pump can start to take on damage, even as the pipes themselves freeze and fail to protect your home. However, the exterior FreezeGuard™ discharge line attachment can see you through even the coldest of winters. This attachment allows your sump pumps a secondary route through which to push water out of your home. You can unscrew this line yourself from the outside of your home to better continue to protect your basement, foundation, or crawl space. 

Sometimes it’s not just the sump pump that will serve you well, but its accessories as well. SafeDri sump pumps come equipped with several different unique tools, including a sump pump arm and a detachable head, that can improve their overall performance within your home. 

SafeDri™ Features 

Available SafeDri™ Sump Pump Systems have locked-in sump pump arms that are mounted and solid. Unlike other sump pumps with free-floating arms, the team’s preferred systems won’t suffer faults and trigger a pump burnout. To put numbers to the differing capacities of each machine, the attached 10-inch heads can process up to 3,200 gallons per hour and 3,840 gallons per hour, respectively. 

Finding the Perfect Sump Pump for You 

You do have the option, of course, to further personalize the sump pump you opt to install within your home. If you’re not satisfied with what the SafeDri™ has to offer off of the bat, you can discuss additional accessory installation options with the team attending to your space. 

At the end of the day, your sump pump needs to be suited to your home’s needs. To make sure this is the case, do not hesitate to discuss what kind of protection you want with the professionals serving your area. It may be in your best interest to stack certain home waterproofing measures or to explore what additional accessories, like the aforementioned liners, alarms, and anti-freeze technologies, may help bring your sump pump up to your standards. 

Collaborate with Foundation Recovery Systems’ Professionals to Restore Your Home 

It isn’t in your best interest to try and shop for a sump pump on your own, let alone go through installing one without professional guidance. That’s why the Foundation Recovery Systems’ professionals in your area are there to help. When you reach out to area experts, you can schedule a home inspection that can better help you understand the overall state of your basement, crawl space, or foundation. Once this inspection is complete, you can look over the free services quote provided to you by the expert you worked with. 

This quote will elaborate on any repairs you may need to make throughout your home. Additionally, it can suggest waterproofing measures, including a SafeDri Sump Pump System, that may better protect your home from water damage after you’ve invested in necessary repairs. If you want more information about these types of sump pumps, or you would like to know more about the waterproofing measures you might pair a sump pump with, you can continue to discuss your options with area professionals until you feel confident enough to move forward. 

Are you ready to protect your home from year-round water damage? Get in touch with a Foundation Recovery Systems’ professional ASAP. 

To schedule your free sump pump inspection, contact us today! We serve throughout central Missouri and Eastern Kansas, including Kansas City, St. Louis, Columbia, Moberly, and Springfield.

Why We Choose SafeDri™ Sump Pumps

Why do we stand by SafeDri™? Because our full-time Research & Development department has carefully examined and tested sump pump models of all types. Our research, combined with more than 25 years and thousands of sump pump installations, have all pointed to one fact: SafeDri™ provides the best pumps on the market.

At Foundation Recovery Systems, we believe our customers only deserve the best products and brands out there, which is why we do our research and make sure we’re offering the highest quality products in the industry.

Benefits of the SafeDri™ Pump

safe dri sump pump foundation recovery systems

At Foundation Recovery Systems, we install the powerful SafeDri™ 330 and 550 models. Combined with our battery backup system, these pumps make for a powerhouse sump pump system that is up to the job of keeping your basement dry. Other models are available for unique circumstances.

SafeDri™ Pump Features:

  • The SafeDri™ 330 pumps up to 3,200 gallons per hour at a 10′ head.
  • The SafeDri™ 500 pumps up to 3,840 gallons per hour at a 10′ head.

Our primary and secondary sump pump systems are designed with cast-iron SafeDri™ Sump Pumps. Unlike plastic sump pumps that often overheat and fail, cast-iron pumps transfer heat from the engine casing to the water outside. This naturally cools the sump pump motor during operation. Our pumps are designed with the cast iron around the center of the pump, instead of only at the base. This, combined with the distinctive single-casing design, allows for a maximum in heat dispersion and pump life.

SafeDri™ Pump Features:

  • Single engine casing design for maximum heat transfer
  • Cast-iron core design for cooler operation

One of the most common weaknesses of sump pump systems is the float switch that turns on when the water rises. If this switch jams in an on or off position, it can lead to pump failure or sump pump burnout. The SafeDri™ sump pump switch includes several design elements that help prevent jamming.

SafeDri™ Pump Features:

  • Locked-in sump pump arm that is not free-floating
  • Solid, non-hollow plastic design prevents the floating switch from filling with water.
  • Mounted sump pump design keeps the pump from wandering due to vibration and jamming the sump switch against the edge of the sump liner.

Sump pump systems will occasionally gather dirt, debris, and other materials within the sump pump liner. Over time, sump pumps with screened intake valves will clog. Some unscreened models will clog with dirt and debris, shutting the system down and leading to a flood. SafeDri­™ provides sump pump systems that address both these critical issues.

SafeDri™ Pump Features:

  • No-screen design helps prevent the system from clogging on the inlet to pump
  • The powerful SafeDri™ impeller can handle 1/2 solids with ease
  • Installed in sump pit on a stand that keeps it away from silt and sediment settling on the bottom of the liner.

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