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Concrete Porch Repair

A concrete porch should serve as a welcoming area, but issues like sinking and cracking can transform it into a safety risk. Addressing these problems with timely repairs is crucial. 

Foundation Recovery Systems brings an innovative solution to the table with our SettleStop™ PolyRenewal™ concrete lifting method, tackling these issues directly at their origin. As your dependable expert in concrete lifting, we assist homeowners in restoring stability, safety, and aesthetic appeal to their outdoor concrete spaces. 

This page is designed to provide you with information about repairing concrete porches, as well as the distinct advantages of our method. 

What is Concrete Porch Repair? 

Repairing a concrete porch involves fixing broken, cracked, or sinking concrete on your porch. This process is vital for both aesthetic appeal and safety. 

Traditional repair methods like mudjacking or complete concrete replacement are short-term fixes. They are invasive, costly, time-consuming, and don’t tackle the issue’s root cause. 

Foundation Recovery Systems is committed to offering a superior solution: PolyRenewal™ polyurethane injections. These injections delicately raise the concrete slabs and secure the soil beneath, ensuring stability. 

Our approach includes comprehensive concrete lifting as a part of a whole-home solution. Rather than just solving the surface problem, we delve deeper to address the underlying causes, such as unstable soil and water saturation. This ensures durable repairs and aligns with the overall structural integrity of your home. 

We also provide foundation repairs, including the installation of foundation piers, if we identify structural issues as the root cause. 

Signs You Need to Repair Your Concrete Porch 

Your porch might need repairs if you observe: 

Addressing these issues quickly helps prevent further damage and ensures a safe space around your porch. For a free inspection and repair quote, reach out to Foundation Recovery Systems when you spot these signs. 

Is Concrete Porch Repair Necessary? 

Yes, addressing your concrete porch’s issues promptly spares you from future troubles. Postponing repairs could result in more severe damage and expensive repair costs, with fewer available solutions. 

Since the porch is part of your home, its condition directly affects the building’s overall stability. Investing in timely repairs safeguards your entire home’s longevity. 

Avoid temporary fixes or settling for outdated techniques such as mudjacking or total replacement. These methods do not resolve the core problem, potentially leading to more complications and costs. 

Foundation Recovery Systems provides solutions that are part of an extensive whole-home remedy designed for lasting results. Our concrete lifting methods can prevent porch issues from worsening. Early evaluation and repair of your porch are crucial. 

What Are the Benefits of Concrete Porch Repair? 

Repairing your concrete porch brings several advantages: 

Safer Environment 

Restoring and stabilizing your sunken porch eliminates tripping hazards, ensuring safety for your family and visitors. 

Improved Appearance 

A level and smooth porch enhances the look of your home. Our concrete restoration techniques rejuvenate your property’s visual appeal. 

Enhanced Home Value 

Repairing your concrete porch is an investment. A damaged porch can reduce your property’s market value, while a refurbished porch adds to it. 

Long-term Peace of Mind 

With our unique PolyRenewal™ system, homeowners get long-lasting results. Unlike generic solutions, our products are crafted for endurance and efficiency. 

For optimal results, trust our professional services and advanced solutions over simple DIY repairs. 

How Our Concrete Porch Repair System Works 

The Foundation Recovery Systems team follows these essential steps when applying PolyRenewal™: 

  • Inspect and identify the unstable or sunken areas of your porch. 
  • Drill tiny, penny-sized holes in the affected areas of the porch. 
  • Insert the injection ports into these openings. 
  • Prepare a two-component, closed-cell polyurethane foam. 
  • Inject the foam beneath the porch slabs for lifting and stabilization. 
  • Let the foam expand, filling voids, raising the concrete, and curing. 
  • Extract the injection ports and seal the drilled openings. 
  • Apply a sealant to joints and cracks to prevent future damage. 
  • Perform regular maintenance and inspections to maintain your porch’s condition. 

As the region’s leading experts, we ensure that your concrete porch repair is executed flawlessly for enduring results. 

Why Our Porch Repair is the Best Choice for Your Home 

Foundation Recovery Systems’ PolyRenewal™ concrete lifting system is unparalleled in concrete porch restoration, offering numerous benefits, including: 

  • Precision: The PolyRenewal™ method offers outstanding accuracy in raising and securing concrete porches. 
  • Minimalism: Our method eliminates the need for large machinery or extensive excavation. 
  • Lightweight: The foam used is significantly lighter than materials commonly used in mudjacking or concrete replacement. 
  • Quick Results: The foam solidifies within just 15 minutes, minimizing any inconvenience. 
  • Durability: It stands up to environmental challenges, promising longevity. 
  • Versatility: It is applicable to a wide array of concrete surfaces. 
  • Environmentally Conscious: Composed of non-toxic, sustainable, and long-lasting materials. 
  • Seamless Integration: Repairs blend seamlessly with the existing environment. 
  • Commitment to Excellence: Our annual maintenance plans guarantee sustained excellence. 

Contact Foundation Recovery Systems for Concrete Porch Repair Today!

Revitalize the safety and beauty of your porch with our expert solutions. Don’t let minor issues escalate into significant problems. Reach out to Foundation Recovery Systems today for a free inspection and a no-obligation estimate. 

As your reliable concrete repair provider, homeowners have counted on us for more than three decades to restore their concrete porches, ensuring improved safety, curb appeal, and property value. 


To ensure lasting results from your porch repair, regular inspections and maintenance are recommended. Foundation Recovery Systems provides annual maintenance plans to protect your investment and uphold the longevity of our repair work. 

PolyRenewal™, offered by Foundation Recovery Systems, is a two-component polymer foam that is significantly lighter than traditional repair materials and will not erode or wash away from beneath the concrete. Our solution is quick to cure, environmentally friendly, and superior to outdated methods like mudjacking. Discover more during a free inspection with our experts. 

Various factors, including unstable soil, erosion, freezing and thawing cycles, inadequate water drainage, tree roots, or general wear and tear over time, can damage concrete porches. Foundation Recovery Systems’ exclusive PolyRenewal™ concrete lifting solutions address these factors, stabilizing both the porch and the soil beneath it. To find out more, schedule a free inspection with us. 

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