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Concrete Lifting Problem Signs

If your exterior concrete slabs are showing signs of sinking, it's best to act quickly. Understanding the common concrete problem signs can help you do just that.

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When your exterior concrete slabs are showing signs of concrete problems, it’s understandable for homeowners in Des Moines, Kansas City, Springfield, St. Louis, and Lee’s Summit to be stressed. Foundation Recovery Systems can help repair your exterior concrete slabs and restore your home’s curb appeal. First, review the common concrete problem signs in your area that FRS can help with.

Cracked concrete

Cracked Concrete

Cracked concrete is more than just an eyesore; it can be dangerous since tripping is a real hazard. Your exterior concrete is exposed to the elements such as air and water, and this can directly lead to cracks. Once water penetrates your concrete, it begins to build small cracks and cavities, causing your sidewalk, driveway, or pool deck to become damaged. As these cracks expand, your concrete problem will only get worse.

uneven concrete

Uneven Concrete

Many homeowners may not notice their exterior concrete slabs sinking or becoming uneven for a long time, and most do not discover the problem until it’s pretty bad looking. If left untreated, more damage can occur. Like with cracked concrete, uneven concrete not only affects the appearance of your home, but its safety as well. Uneven concrete also is a significant tripping hazard. A specialist should raise uneven, sinking concrete as soon as possible.

Sunken driveway approach

Sinking Concrete Slabs

It’s not unusual for your concrete slabs to eventually sink into the earth surrounding your home. Sinkage is not uncommon since it is heavy and frequently walked on; yet, it should not be ignored. Ignoring sinking concrete slabs will result in further problems such as concrete cracking and uneven slabs. They may also degrade the aesthetic of your property, making it an eyesore in the community, which can make it harder to rent or sell in the future.

Don’t Wait Any Longer to Repair Your Sunken Concrete. Experts from FRS can assist you!

Foundation Recovery Systems understands the unique climate and clay soil mix in the area and has developed solutions to repair even the most sunken concrete slabs. Your Des Moines, Kansas City, Moberly, Springfield, or St. Louis home has seen a lot of damage. Put your faith in FRS to look after your foundation and concrete slabs. Your damaged concrete will not get better with time; a local expert should examine it as soon as possible. We provide a no-obligation inspection of all components of your foundation for free. If an issue is discovered, our specialists will utilize their expertise and quality solutions to resolve it. Do not hesitate to contact us! Make the concrete at your home appear new again with help from FRS. 

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