Energy Efficient Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers are a critical part of a full waterproofing system to remove any excess moisture from the air and to keep your home permanently dry.


After a water damage issue is taken care of, dehumidifiers are a critical part of a full waterproofing system to remove any excess moisture from the air and to keep your home permanently dry. Foundation Recovery Systems provides powerful, energy efficient dehumidifiers that provide the function you need in your basement. With our dehumidifiers, you can enjoy a clean, dry, healthy basement.

If you have issues with a humid basement, condensation, or mold, installing a dehumidifier is the right solution for you. However, choosing any dehumidifier from a box store won’t get the job done. 

Our experienced staff is dedicated to providing you with a remarkable experience. Not only will we install our products, but we will provide education along the way so that you can make smart decisions in the future regarding the safety of your home. If you want to install a new dehumidifier in your home, click below for a free inspection!

What It Does:

Foundation Recovery Systems offers the low-maintenance, whole-home design of the Foundation Recovery Systems’ Dehumidifier dehumidifier. The Foundation Recovery Systems’ dehumidifier has automatic humidity sensing and fresh air ventilation. Installing a dehumidifier can be done in a timely fashion, while not adding any additional time onto a job.

Why Choose Our Dehumidifiers?

Although all dehumidifiers serve the same purpose of keeping your basement or crawl space dry, a lot of systems are very inefficient and do not have the same capabilities or necessary power to remove all of the humidity from the air.

Our dehumidifier has a powerful blowing motor is strong enough to duct air into a finished basement space, while the unit itself is stored in an unfinished area. With its completely digital interface, you can set it and forget it, or install a dehumidifier control box in your finished space.

Save Energy While Keeping Your Basement Dry

If you want to improve the air quality in your basement and prevent mold growth, call the experts at Foundation Recovery Systems today. Our high-quality dehumidifiers will completely change your basement environment and make it clean, dry, and healthy. We will also provide constant communication throughout the entire process and educate you on how to keep your home safe and protected from future damages.

We offer free inspections on all our dehumidifiers, so contact us today. We proudly serve throughout central Missouri and Eastern Kansas, including Cincinnati, Kansas City, St. Louis, Columbia, Moberly, and Springfield.

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