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Drain Systems

Having a range of drainage systems in your home is the best way to ensure it can cope with every eventuality.

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Keeping your home safe and dry in all seasons is not easy. Water is infamously adept at finding a way into every crack and crevice. If you have a basement, you could face water coming from above, below, or even through the walls. 

Waterproofing a basement may seem simple, but it really isn’t; just as duct tape isn’t designed to fix holes in your wall, generic piping really won’t cut it when it comes to keeping your basement dry. Here at Foundation Recovery Systems, we know how to waterproof basements of all shapes and sizes, and we have specialized basement drainage systems that can be customized to suit your needs. 

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Common Basement Waterproofing Systems 

Most homes will have some kind of waterproofing measures in place already. Older systems are better than nothing but really can’t keep up with the more specialized systems on offer today. The most common waterproofing measures found in any home are listed below. 

Sump Pumps 

Homes in areas with very wet climates or a lot of groundwater will often have a sump pump installed to keep standing water out of the basement. They do so via a floating switch that activates when the water  levels rise to a certain point. 

Exterior Footing Drains/Interior Drains 

Simple yet effective, footing drains outside and/or inside your home typically consist of a semicircular pipe covered by a filter and most often run the perimeter of a property. Generally subterranean, they collect water and funnel it away from your home. The only problem is that if they become clogged, they will need to be excavated in order to be fixed. 


A good dehumidifier is one of the best waterproofing solutions you can deploy in your home. By removing moisture from the air, a dehumidifier will help you to keep your home environment comfortable and prevent the formation of mold and mildew. 

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Why Your Home Needs Basement Drainage and Waterproofing Systems 

Many homeowners are tempted to avoid updating or installing basement drainage or waterproofing systems at all. This really isn’t a good idea, especially if you live in an area that is prone to flooding. While installing new drainage systems may seem expensive at first, the cost of removing standing water and repairing damage to your home and belongings can be far higher. Here are some of the dangers of not waterproofing your basement. 

Property Damage 

The most obvious danger of not waterproofing your basement is the damage to personal property should you experience flooding. Furnishings, important documents, and electronics don’t fare well in water, after all. 

Structural Damage 

A slightly more insidious and serious problem that can occur when you do not have appropriate waterproofing in your basement is structural damage. Repeated flooding or consistent dampness can cause wooden floorboards and walls to warp, sag, and even rot, thereby undermining the stability of your house. Worse still, your foundation can be affected by dampness. These kinds of repairs can run into thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars. So, paying for waterproofing isn’t the worst idea. 

Dampness and Mold 

If you manage to avoid floods or standing water, you could still find the humidity levels in your home are high. If that happens to be the case, you could find that mold begins to form and your energy bills rise (humid air is harder to condition). This will not only make your home smell strange, but it could be bad for your health. 

Foundation Recovery Systems Offers Specialized Drainage Systems 

Foundation Recovery Systems is the premier basement waterproofing company in this area. We have dedicated ourselves to offering the best possible services and solutions, and we spare no time or expense in tracking down the right options for homeowners. 

The Foundation Recovery Systems basement drainage systems are some of the best on the market right now. We know this is true because we have spent years perfecting them; unlike most drainage systems, which are installed outside your home, ours are installed in your basement floor on the outer perimeter. We designed these systems to be: 

  • Seamless 
  • Effective 
  • Customizable 

Your Foundation Recovery Systems specialized drainage system will quickly, quietly, and efficiently remove water and dampness from your basement, thereby protecting your home and personal property from dampness and mold. Our team of skilled technicians will assess your basement and design a system that blends seamlessly with your space and offers you the best possible protection for your home. 

Drain Systems


Basement drainage systems can be the difference between a comfortable, clean, and dry home and a property that is struggling with dampness and standing water. Basements that do not have good drainage systems in place are more likely to struggle with: 

  • Mold Formation 

Damp and humid basements are more likely to experience issues with mold than any other area of a property (except perhaps the kitchen and bathroom). This is, in part, to do with the poor airflow that basements can experience, but there are many other factors that can contribute to mold growth. Whatever causes it to form, mold can cause a number of issues, depending on the species of mold, including bad odors, respiratory issues, skin irritation, and ruined soft furnishings. 

Once mold takes root in your basement, it is sure to spread throughout your property. This is partly because of your HVAC system (some species of mold flourish in air ducts), but also because of natural air circulation. As you heat your home, the hot air will rise, draw cooler air from your basement, and bring mold spores with it. 

  • Rot 

If you have exposed wooden beams or furniture in your basement, excessive dampness and standing water can cause them to rot. This has a number of implications, but the most serious is a weakening in the structural integrity of your home. This is because of the way wood changes when it begins to rot. As wood rots, it becomes soft and malleable; wooden supports, for example, may begin to bend or even crumble. 

Furthermore, rotting wood is extremely tempting for many different kinds of pests. The most obvious, of course, are termites, but mold mites can also make their home in rotting wood if the right kind of mold spores flourish in it. Finally, these small bugs can attract larger ones like cockroaches. All in all, it’s best to keep dampness at bay where possible. Getting the best possible waterproofing solutions for your basement can save you time, money, and heartache in the long run.

As well as the issues listed above, dampness in your house can cause problems for your health and your bottom line. 

  • Health Problems 

Certain species of mold can inflame respiratory problems like asthma, while others can cause irritation to the airways and lungs, thereby creating more problems. This can end in dizziness (and falls as a result), shortness of breath, and headaches, as well as more serious complications for those who have pre-existing health issues. 

Mold, dampness, and pest infestation are also prone to causing or exacerbating skin irritations and conditions. In fact, they could even lead to infections in otherwise small cuts and scrapes. This can have a number of effects on you and your family, from minor discomfort all the way to serious issues in need of medical attention. Either way, it is clear that mold and pests do not contribute to a healthy environment. 

  • The Cost of Dampness 

Dampness means increased humidity, and humid air is harder to cool and heat. This means your HVAC system will have to work harder and use more electricity, thereby raising your bills. In fact, dampness and general humidity in a home could increase your energy costs dramatically, and this doesn’t even account for the more general costs that come with repairing the damage dampness causes. 

Dampness and humidity have a very detrimental effect on your soft furnishings, flooring, and decor as a whole. From rotting carpets to bubbling wallpaper and all the way to a generally musty smell in your home, the cost of repairing, replacing, and cleaning furnishings can be quite daunting. As such, it is best to deal with humidity, dampness, and mold as quickly as possible.

We at Foundation Recovery Systems have spent a lot of time and effort making sure our drainage and waterproofing systems are the best they can be. These systems offer: 

  • Better Drainage 

The unique positioning and shape of these systems means our drains collect more water from your home and remove it safely from the property without leaks or overspill. The different drainage options we offer ensure that we are able to create a custom system for every homeowner and offer optimum protection for all kinds of homes. 

The unique coverage our systems provide minimizes the amount of debris and sediment getting into the drains themselves, making blockage and backups far less likely. This is most obvious with our grated drain systems—the unique grates are designed to allow only the smallest pieces of debris through, thereby preventing internal clogs and blockages. 

  • Easy Installation 

Installation is quick, easy, and requires little excavation in your basement. We take every measure to minimize disruption to your home and always clean up after ourselves. This installation process has been designed to ensure you are able to go about your day while our team works without worrying about anything. 

Our unique installation process is quiet, quick, and ensures that your drainage system is 100% effective immediately. Our team will leave your property just as they found it—well, with the exception of a new drainage system being in place, so you can simply get on with life, safe in the knowledge that dampness won’t be one of the issues you need to deal with in the near future.

The Benefits of Our BasementGutter™ Drainage System 

When we designed the specialized BasementGutter™ Drainage System, we knew we had to offer our clients something worth talking about—and we think we have done just that. 

No-Mess Installation 

There is nothing worse than finding your whole home disrupted by the installation of a new appliance or system. Our BasementGutter™ Drainage System does not require serious excavation for installation. Your floor and foundation will remain mostly undisturbed and undamaged – as will the peace and quiet inside your home. We guarantee a quick, efficient, and pain-free installation process. 

Waterproof Your Foundation Walls 

We drill weep holes at the bottom of concrete block foundation walls to aid with cavity drainage. This may sound like a strange or risky choice, but it’s not. In fact, having weep holes at the base of concrete block foundation walls can make all the difference when it comes to flood and mold prevention. 

No Debris or Mud 

We only install sealed basement drains to prevent debris buildups. More than this, our drainage systems are all set in your basement’s sub-floor. This means there is no opportunity for dirt, debris, and mud to collect in your drains. As a result, you will experience far fewer clogs and backups. Furthermore, if your drainage system does become clogged, we will not have to dig up your floor or yard to clear it out. 

Grated Drains for Secure Entryways 

External doorways and access points are some of the most vulnerable spots in a property when it comes to dampness. Our grated drain pipes are designed to stretch the breadth of an entry point and keep your property free from water and dampness. The specially designed grates prevent all but the smallest debris from entering, thereby preventing clogs and blockages. 

The biggest benefit of choosing a Foundation Recovery Systems drainage system for your basement, however, is the support our team provides at every stage of the journey. From the initial assessment appointment to installation and beyond, we will always be on hand to offer support and guidance. This is why Foundation Recovery Systems has such a positive reputation in the local area. 

A Basement Drainage System You Can Trust 

At Foundation Recovery Systems, we understand our customers are the most important part of our business. That’s why we take every step to ensure our products and services are the best they can be. From staying abreast of changes in the industry to using the best materials and keeping our staff trained to the highest level, we take pride in every aspect of our business. More than this, we encourage our team to communicate what we’re doing, and why it is necessary, throughout the process so you feel empowered and educated. 

By doing this, we hope our customers will be able to notice issues with their basement before they become a problem. That way, we will be able to attend quickly and help to nip small problems in the bud long before there’s standing water or rising dampness to contend with. If you want to talk about our unique basement drainage systems, or you feel there may be an issue in your home that needs to be addressed, don’t hesitate to book a free consultation appointment today. We services homes throughout Kansas City, St. Louis, Des Moines, Springfield and Moberly.

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