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Top 8 Foundation Repair Products Every Homeowner Needs to Know

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When it comes to foundation repairs, it’s prudent to know what solutions exist and what purpose they serve before you make a move. Doing so will help you find a product that suits your home, budget, and situation. Let’s look at the top eight products in Kansas City, MO, today.

1) Wall Anchor Systems

Foundation walls aren’t just subjected to heavy loads from above, but lateral forces and sideways pressure, which can cause them to tilt, bow, or crack. Wall anchor systems help counteract pressure by redirecting it to the soil outside your home using steel rods and plates that extend from the inner walls of the foundation. The interior plates can be tightened at intervals to help straighten your leaning walls.

2) IntelliBrace™ Beam System

In case there are space restrictions that stop you from using wall anchors to strengthen the foundation walls of your Kansas City, MO, home, the wall bracing system is the next best alternative. These steel I-beams stabilize your tilting or bowing walls and are adjustable so they also can help restore walls to their original position. Since they’re zinc-coated, they will remain rust-free.

3) Carbon Fiber Wall Reinforcing Systems

Virtually unnoticeable, the carbon fiber straps with structural epoxy combine strength and subtle appearance. They’re perfect for less severe bowing wall repairs, especially where a person doesn’t want to use I-beams. You’ll find them handy in fixing walls that have deflected or moved inward. The system is eight to 10 times stronger than steel and permanently reinforces the walls and prevents any further movement.

4) Crawl Space Supports

IntelliJack™ supports are the answer to sagging or bouncy floors. They’re designed to stabilize and level girders and floor joists that cause your floors to sag. These galvanized steel jacks can support heavy loads, and they can be customized to fit your crawl space. Once set up, the jack support will secure the floors and can help lift them back to level.

5) Push Piers

Sinking and settling foundations require strong stabilizing solutions. Forged from steel, push piers feature an external sleeve that strengthens it at critical points beneath the bracket. They’re usually installed close to the footings and attached to a strong steel bracket. Once stabilization and potential lifting are complete, the soil is backfilled to finish the installation. The good thing about them is they can reach greater depths than other solutions.

6) Helical Piers

This type of pier is comprised of helical plates welded to a pier shaft. During installation, plates help drive the pier into the soil while at the same time providing anchoring strength as the weight of the structure is transferred to the pier. Extra sections can be added to attain the required depth. Helical piers can be installed all year round. As well as stabilizing your structures, they can help restore a sunken foundation to its original level.

7) Slab Piers

These are designed to stabilize foundations and raise sunken slabs. During this repair, they’re installed right into the settlement area, and they go deep enough to connect the slab to the bedrock. Blades anchor to the soil and the pier is screwed into the earth. Slab piers can remain completely hidden and they require less excavation.

8) Concrete Lifting

When concrete slabs sink, they create uneven and unsightly surfaces, which can also cause tripping. The conventional solution to this problem is mudjacking. It’s a technique in which a hole is drilled, then a mortar-based mix is pumped below the slab to lift it to its original position. This outdated practice is quite invasive, but there are many ways you’ll benefit from the state-of-the-art PolyRenewal™ system. High-density polyurethane foam is injected under the slabs through very small holes. This material fills the void, hardens, and is able to precisely lift and level the slabs without the inconvenient mess or downtime of mudjacking. Not sure what solutions will work for your foundation? Before taking on any kind of foundation repair, it’s best to get the guidance and advice of a local expert in this field. Schedule a free foundation repair inspection with the professionals at Foundation Recovery Systems and discover what works best for your foundation.

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