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The Different Types of Foundation Repair

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If your foundation is shifting, cracking, or otherwise failing to support your home, you’ll want to act quickly to get it back into shape. Luckily, you have a variety of solutions available to you – it’s just a matter of choosing the right one. 

When you work with a professional, you’ll benefit from a home inspection and a free quote on any services you might need.  

When Do You Need to Repair Your Foundation? 

Foundation damage comes in many forms. You’ll want to invite a professional foundation and basement repair contractor out to your home for an inspection before you choose the foundation repair option that you want to commit to. 

Sometimes, the damage your home endures thanks to hydrostatic pressure isn’t so severe. Other times, it requires you to invest in significant repairs. The types of foundation damage you’re most likely to see include: 

You may also begin to notice signs of damage outside of your home if you let water continue to seep into your home. If you see any of the following, you’ll want to reach out to a contractor in the St. Louis, MO, area as soon as possible: 

  • Vertical wall cracks 
  • A cracked chimney 
  • Horizontal foundation cracks 
  • A sinking foundation  

Your Options for Repairing Your Foundation 

After you’ve walked through your home with a professional, you can better determine which of your available foundation repair solutions will suit your home best. The options you have available to you in St. Louis, MO, include but are not limited to:

  • Wall Repair Systems – If it’s your walls that are causing or exhibiting problems throughout your home, you can invest in wall anchors and IntelliBrace™ beams. These supports permanently stabilize your walls and can move them back toward their original positions. Professionals can tighten them during the drier seasons to give your home the support it needs, but they’ll work to keep cracked or bowing walls in place all year. 
  • Wall Reinforcements – If your walls are cracked but haven’t yet begun to severely bow, you may benefit from Carbon Fiber supports. Carbon Fiber supports keep your walls from moving and will keep them from cracking in the years to come. 
  • Crawl Space Supports – If you’re looking for crawl space supports, consider an IntelliJack™ system. These systems compensate for sagging floors by stabilizing them, and they have the ability to lift and level floors back to their original position. 
  • Piering – If your foundation is shifting or settling, you’ll want to discuss the different types of piers available to you based on your foundation type. Piers take the weight of your home off of your foundation while also ensuring that your foundation is permanently reinforced. In some cases, piers can also lift problematic foundations back to their original position. Talk to your local contractor about push piers, helical piers, and slab piers to determine which may suit your home best. 
  • Polyurethane Injections – If you’re interested in a repair solution that’s non-invasive and relatively easy to install, consider polyurethane injections. PolyRenewal™ systems lift and stabilize cracking and uneven concrete around your property including patios, sidewalks, driveways, and even slab foundation floors. You can use these injections to stabilize the ground around your home, preventing future slippage while you bring your concrete slabs back to their original positions.  

The contractor you invite out to your home may recommend stacking some of these solutions to better protect your home from future damage. 

Repairing Your Foundation on Your Own 

Many homeowners are reluctant to commit to foundation repair solutions due to the cost of those repairs. As a result, you may consider a DIY foundation solution before you consider reaching out to a professional. 

Unfortunately, trying to repair your foundation on your own time can cost you more money than professional repairs, in the long run. DIY repairs can often further damage your foundation. When you do eventually call a professional, you’ll be charged both for the necessary repairs and for the removal of any previously attempted fixes. 

Luckily, it’s easier to kick off the foundation repair process than you might think. Don’t delay necessary repairs that will protect your home. Reach out to a professional foundation and basement repair contractor in the St. Louis, MO, area today for a free inspection. Once your inspection’s complete, you’ll receive a free quote on any services you may be interested in. 

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