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Foundation Settlement and Warm Weather

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Dry Soil and Foundation Settlement

Warmer weather brings beach days, outdoor activities, and longer days; however, one downfall of warmer weather is the dry soil it causes. If your home is already experiencing settlement problems, then the dried-out soil will only increase these problems.


As the weather gets warmer, it will take the moisture in your soil causing it to shift and move. This movement affects your home’s foundation and creates settlement problems.
There are multiple signs of foundation settlement signs you can lookout for:

  • Sinking Floors
    You will see spaces or gaps between your floor and walls if settlement is happening to your home. If settlement gets worse, these gaps and sinking floors will become dangerous for your family.
  • Wall Cracks
    One of the more common signs of foundation settlement are cracks that appear in your home’s walls. You will notice stair shaped cracks in your walls, or at the corners of your doors or windows. In serious cases, your floors may also begin to crack.
  • Doors and Windows
    Your doors or windows will begin to become difficult to open or close. Replacing them will help temporarily, but if the settlement is not addressed, then the same process will happen with your new doors and windows.
Piers FRS

Luckily, Foundation Recovery Systems has multiple systems that will help stabilize your home.

  • Slab Piers are a system which are installed deep in the earth to help stabilization your home and close any cracks caused by settlement.
  • Push Piers are a system that help provide support and strength to your home’s structural integrity. This system is installed in the bedrock beneath your home.
  • Helical Piers are another system installed in the bedrock under your foundation that help support your home through a process called “underpinning.”

If your home is showing any of the settlement problem signs mentioned, contact Foundation Recovery Systems to have a free foundation inspection done. Take the first steps in keeping your home safe.

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