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Six Practical Ways of Controlling Basement Water

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If there’s one thing many homeowners battle silently, it’s basement moisture. Some people spend days or even months trying to keep water out of this area. Even your best efforts may not yield lasting results, so it’s best to stay away from DIY waterproofing and repairs as a way to deal with a wet basement. 

Get a professional contractor to examine the basement and discover what’s ailing this part of your home. As well as revealing the underlying issues, the contractor will give a clear roadmap of how to deal with the issues they’re discovered. 

install proper interior drainage

1) Insulate your basement  

Every basement has some kind of heat loss. More than just an upgrade of your basement interior, insulation helps prevent heat exchange. Your basement will remain warm when the temperatures outside drop and vice versa. We recommend closed-cell polyurethane foam, as it has a good R-value. When insulating the basement, remember to insulate your ducts and cold-water pipes that run through this space too. 

2) Maintain gutters and downspouts  

St. Louis, MO, doesn’t always receive much rain in summer months. But you don’t know what Mother Nature has in store for you. When the scorching sun heats the landmass, it causes the ground to give up its moisture. This vapor rises steadily and as it goes up, it gets colder and forms droplets that fall back to the ground in the form of rain. Your gutters and downspouts are supposed to collect and redirect this water away from your home. If they’re loose, damaged or missing, you can guess where this water will go. Make sure the gutters are intact and the downspouts angled down properly and away from your home. Downspout lines also can be placed in the ground

3) Install an interior drain 

While your gutters and downspouts will do their best to channel water away from your home’s perimeter, some of it may still seep through to your basement. To stop this water from flowing in your basement floor, install the BasementGutter™, a clog-free and smart interior drainage solution. This system goes right under the subfloor. Whenever water gets in, this system directs it to the sump pump so it can be pumped out of your basement and away from your foundation. 

4) Dehumidify the basement  

Summers are typically hot and humid in St. Louis, MO. When the weather warms up, you can expect basement humidity to go up. Excess moisture can instigate various problems including mold and mildew growth, rust, wood decay, and condensation. An energy-efficient dehumidifier will help you combat the moisture and create a dry, mold-free space. 

5) Don’t open windows 

Opening your windows in summer is the surest way of allowing war moist air to come in. Not only will it increase relative humidity, but it will instigate other problems. It’s advisable to leave the windows shut. If you want to air out the basement, do so when the temperatures outside are cooler like in the morning or evening.  

6) Grade your home 

Check the grading of your yard. Does it slope away or toward your home? If it’s sloping down towards your home, you will have problems whenever it rains as water will flow back to your home’s perimeter. Some of it may seep through gaping cracks in your foundation and end up in your basement wall. Proper grading of the yard stops this backflow.  If you are struggling to contain moisture and are unsure of the right way to waterproof your basement, get in touch with the experts at Foundation Recovery Systems for a free basement waterproofing inspection and quote today. We’ll assess your basement’s condition and advise you on the next move to help in creating a safer and healthier home.

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