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Should I Install a Dehumidifier in My Basement?

Many homes in Springfield, MO suffer from moisture problems. If your basement is damp, you might wonder whether a dehumidifier would help. Here’s what you need to know.

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As a responsible homeowner, you probably want to do what is best for your home. On the other hand, you probably want to avoid buying unnecessary appliances. When it comes to waterproofing your basement, there are so many measures to choose from. While basement drains and a sump pump are rather essential, not all homes need a dehumidifier. So, how can you tell whether yours needs one? Read the following and you will be able to make an informed decision.


Signs Your Basement Needs a Dehumidifier

Next time you go down to your basement, pay attention to the following and see how many boxes your home checks. 

Wet Windows 

 One of the first signs that you need a dehumidifier will show up on the windows of your Springfield, MO home. If water drops are forming on the inside of your windows, your basement could definitely benefit from a dehumidifier. This is a sign that humidity levels in your basement are high, and this device could keep them under control. 

Condensation on Walls 

If you find water droplets on your wall without an obvious explanation, you have a humidity problem. Condensation on walls is more likely to occur during the winter months when it is much colder outside than inside. However, walls can become moist due to increased hydrostatic pressure as well. This force can push water from the soil that surrounds your foundation into your basement and cause your walls bow, crack, and leak. With a dehumidifier, you can control moisture levels and keep them from rising. 


Mold is a telltale sign that your basement is too humid. However, mold is not always located in easily accessible areas, so it is sometimes hard to see. The airborne spores mold releases can give it away. These airborne spores smell musty, so if your basement is starting to smell that way, you have a mold problem on your hands.  

The issue with mold is that airborne spores can quickly spread all over your home and affect your health. Inhaling these spores can cause a stuffy nose, watery eyes, wheezing, and other respiratory problems. If you find mold in your basement, you will want to have professionals remove it as soon as possible. After the removal of the mold, installing a dehumidifier can help you prevent repeated mold growth in the future. This appliance will lower humidity levels in your basement and create an inhospitable environment for mold. 

Benefits of Having a Dehumidifier 

Getting a dehumidifier can certainly improve your quality of life. If you are wondering whether you could benefit from this appliance, here are some reasons why you should consider getting it. 

Eliminate Allergy Triggers and Improve Air Quality 

Is your nose often runny? Are your eyes watery? Are your asthma attacks getting worse? If so, go down to your basement and check the situation.  Apart from mold, dust mites can cause such reactions. These microscopic pests will quickly spread through your home, making you sick. With a dehumidifier, you will create an environment that is not appealing to these dangerous microorganisms. While a dehumidifier is not able to clean the air itself, it is still able to improve the air quality in your basement and your home. This appliance will effectively remove excess moisture from the air, therefore indirectly cleaning it by preventing mold, bacteria, and other harmful organisms from growing. A dehumidifier will clean and filter that nasty basement air and turn this area into a comfortable space. 

Keep Your Home Stable  

 By removing moisture from the air and creating an inhospitable environment for mold, rot, and other harmful organisms, a dehumidifier can ensure the well-being of your home’s structural elements, making your home safe for you and your family. 

Reduce Energy Consumption 

Do you want to spend less money on your bills? A dehumidifier can help you with that. If the air in your basement is excessively moist, your HVAC system needs to work overtime to ensure a comfortable temperature in your living area. However, when a dehumidifier stabilizes the humidity, this won’t be necessary. 

Waterproofing the Basement 

While a dehumidifier is incredibly useful, it can work even better with additional waterproofing measures. Here are several waterproofing methods that can work in tandem with your dehumidifier to keep your basement safe and dry. 

Check Your Yard’s Grade 

The first step toward ensuring a dry basement doesn’t involve any installations. Instead, you will need to check whether your yard is accurately graded. If it is not, you will notice that every time it rains, all the water runs toward your home and pools around its perimeter. In this situation, you will need to regrade your yard. 

Install a Sump Pump 

When it rains, the water saturates the soil around your foundation and accumulates below your basement. A sump pit will collect that water and a sump pump will send it away from your home, keeping your basement dry. 

Add Interior Drainage  

Due to hydrostatic pressure water will leak through your concrete walls.  An interior drainage system that runs along the basement’s perimeter will collect that water and direct it toward the sump pit, a basin in the floor that contains the sump pump. This way the excess water won’t get a chance to cause any damage. 

Seal Your Windows  

Do you have any windows in your basement? If so, make sure that water cannot get in through loose seals. Reseal them if necessary and consider installing window well covers. 

Seal the Cracks 

There are several reasons why cracks appear on foundation walls. It is important to seal them so that water cannot get in. However, be sure you call a local contractor to inspect them. After all, cracks can be a sign of some serious underlying issues, so it is much better to identify the type of problem on time. 

Maintain Your Gutters and Downspouts 

Without proper and regular maintenance, gutters can start to leak. When water running down from the roof soaks the ground around your foundation, it can cause various problems in your basement. Keeping your gutters in good shape can help you avoid this problem. 

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