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6 Ways Waterproofing Makes Your Life Better

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Basement waterproofing. It hardly sounds exciting. It seems like a lot of work. It’s probably one of those “I’ll get around to it one of these days” tasks that sits at the bottom of your honeydew list forever. You may convince yourself that any leaking in your basement isn’t too much to deal with or that it will magically go away over time. We can guarantee you that it won’t just go away, and it’s probably safe to say that dealing with the issue will get old really quickly. The good news is this: taking the time to invest in waterproofing your basement makes your life better in more ways than one!

Here are just a few:

1. Your Home is Healthier

Where there’s water and moisture, there is likely to be mold and mildew. When water gets into your basement, it can linger even when the noticeable standing water has been taken care of. This is especially true if the water gets into carpeted areas or even wallpaper. If there is any moisture leftover, the damp environment becomes a breeding ground for mold to grow. This mold can go unnoticed and get into the basement air, and eventually into the air vents all throughout your home. Coughing, sneezing and a mildew-y smell are just a few annoyances associated with mold being present in your home. If left unattended, black mold can develop. Waterproofing your basement keeps moisture and potential health hazards from hanging around after a rain storm.

2. Safety Hazards Are Reduced

Besides mold, there can be more serious safety threats when water gets into your basement. Any electronics affected by water damage can become dangerous to use, and in extreme cases standing water can reach power sockets. The only way to be sure that these threats are gone is to keep the area completely dry all of the time, and waterproofing your basement does just that.

3. Your Valuables Are Safe

Basements tend to serve as the storage place for keepsakes. Wedding albums, diplomas, mementos from your children, and many other objects of sentimental value are located there. If given the chance, you wouldn’t want to leave these priceless items behind in the case of a fire. They are at just as much risk for water damage without sufficient protection. With a working sump pump and drainage system, you can rest easy knowing that it will all stay safe and dry.

4. Your Home Value Increases

What’s not to like about investing in a service that will provide a positive ROI? According to Angie’s List, the typical basement waterproofing job has a 30% return on investment. Plus, this investment is timeless. Potential homebuyers will overlook a dated bathroom or wallpaper, but a poorly waterproofed basement can be a deal breaker. Whether you are planning to sell your home or live in it, waterproofing the basement reaps long-term financial benefits.

5.You are Protecting Your Investment(s)

When you make the venture to waterproof your basement, you are protecting a multitude of things. Your home is protected, but so are smaller items not covered by insurance. Future investments are protected as well. When you get around to remodeling or finishing your basement, you can go into the project knowing that it will already be protected from water.

6. Increased Quality of Life & Peace of Mind

You shouldn’t be losing sleep worrying about your basement flooding every time it rains. You also shouldn’t be losing sleep actually mopping up and draining standing water every time it rains. When you take the time and money to have a contractor do a thorough inspection and installation of a waterproofing system, you are getting rid of all of those worries and annoyances. Who doesn’t want to be worry free about their home? You owe it to yourself and your home to install a permanent solution.

At Foundation Recovery Systems, we aim to create remarkable experiences for homeowners and restore peace of mind in their homes.

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