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5 Easiest Ways to Improve Basement Air Quality

Wet leaking basement,

It isn’t uncommon for basements in Missouri to be subject to air quality issues. 

Our climate and the humidity levels in Missouri can create hotbeds for mold, mildew, and bacterial growth in homes with basements.

The elevated levels of dampness and humidity in basements create perfect breeding grounds for fungi and bacteria.

If you’ve ever felt like your basement has poor air quality, you aren’t alone!

In this post, we discuss some of the tips you can do on your own to improve the air quality down there.

However, in some cases, it may be best to rely on a professional for basement repairs and waterproofing. Let’s get started! 

1. Keep Basement Windows Closed 

It may seem counterintuitive to keep your windows closed to ensure better air quality. However, opening your basement windows can cause the indoor humidity levels to rise, especially in summer months where humidity levels are at their peak.

Leaving basement windows open can also draw in allergen particles, which will pollute your indoor air.

Keeping your windows closed is a reliable way to avoid any unwanted allergens or spikes in indoor humidity levels. 

2. Ventilate Your Basement 

Many basements in Missouri have poor air quality because they are not properly ventilated.

Air in your basement may be trapped and not recycled properly with outdoor air.

Try installing a mechanical ventilation system to circulate old air to new air. Installing ventilation systems in the basement is best left to certified professionals. A good method to improve basement air quality is investing in a dehumidifier or air purifier. Either way, one of these methods will ensure cleaner and safer air.  

3. Dry Out Your Basement 

Dampness and humidity are also common contributors to poor basement air quality.

Too much moisture in the air creates breeding grounds for mold and mildew which, when exposed to the air you breathe, can cause severe health problems.

Common problems with inhaling mold and mildew:

  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Itchy eyes
  • Skin rashes
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Allergic reactions
  • Sometimes asthma

Drying out your basement will help prevent the growth of these pesky fungi. Dehumidifiers are a great way to prevent mold growth, especially when humidity levels are kept under 50 percent. 

4. Purify the Air  

Dehumidifier from FRS with built in air purifier.

Air purifiers will prove to be a worthy investment if you wish to keep the air in your basement fresh and clean. Air purifiers circulate indoor air through a series of filters and extract any contaminants, allergens, mold spores, or bacteria that are present. Make sure that when investing in an air purifier that it is a suitable size for your basement, and has HEPA and Carbon filters. This combination can reduce up to 99 percent of harmful airborne particles! 

The good news— the dehumidifier installed by Foundation Recovery Systems is designed with an integrated air purifier. This innovative system not only reduces excess moisture but also purifies the air, tackling two major basement concerns with a single product.

5. Seal All Cracks and Gaps 

Cracks or gaps in and around your basement can lead to higher humidity levels and an influx of air contaminants.

It is best to have these cracks and gaps properly sealed to ensure that no unwanted contaminants enter your basement and that humidity levels stay below 50 percent. 

Expert Help from Foundation Recovery Systems

FRS inspector looking at home.

Foundation Recovery Systems has been providing our fellow homeowners with the services they need to ensure proper basement air quality for nearly 30 years!

If you require repairs to your home’s foundation or crawl space, no one does it better than us!

We have the skills and technology to tackle all kinds of foundation issues. Our specialists are also experts in basement waterproofing, which causes a decline in indoor humidity levels and improves air quality.

Contact us today to schedule a free inspection and repair quote. 

Leah Leitow

Leah Leitow

Content Writer

Leah is a Content Writer for Groundworks with nearly ten years of experience working in the foundation repair industry. Her experience ranges from working with homeowners to find the right solution to training inspectors and staff. In her background as a Michigan journalist, she gained invaluable insight into people's lives throughout our state. Leah lives in metro Detroit with her husband and two sons.

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