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5 Common Basement Problems You’re Likely to Experience in Summer

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Summer has its fair share of problems, and you need to brace yourself for whatever the Kansas City, MO, weather throws your way. 

Believe it or not, summer is also a great time to address your basement problems. Spring and winter weather mean the soils are saturated. Not so in summer, meaning you can work through the soil. You can also go outside and check the condition around your home. 

Let’s look at some of the problems you might face during summer.  

1)  Moisture in Your Foundation 

We mostly associate spring with rains or groundwater. But summer in Kansas City, MO, can also be wet. You can expect above-average rainfall amounts across many neighborhoods this summer. So, you’re not out of the woods yet, as you might have to deal with summer storms. 

Rainwater is a leading cause of basement problems. Water can seep into the soil and enter your basement through foundation cracks. Deal with it as soon as you can. Make sure you inspect the basement walls inside out. If the foundation is intact, water won’t cause problems.  

2) Summer Humidity 

Summers are typically hot and humid. When humidity levels go up, condensation can occur, and some people mistake it for basement leaks. Excess moisture can lead to mold growth and mustiness. For every degree the temperature drops, basement humidity goes up by 2.2%. A 10-degree change will result in a 22% increase in relative humidity. And this is bad news for your basement. 

Inspect the basement just to be sure the moisture isn’t a result of moisture-laden air. If it is, you will have to get a dehumidifier and use it to dry out the basement air. Ensure the basement dryer vent and other ventilation ducts from your kitchen are directing hot air outside.  

3) Clogged Gutters 

Your gutters are your first line of defense against rainwater. These drainage systems are supposed to channel water away from your home’s perimeter and foundation. If they get clogged by debris, leaves, twigs, or gunk, water won’t flow freely. It will spill from the sides of the gutter, then pool and leach into the soil before getting into your foundation. This defeats the very purpose the gutter was designed to fulfill. 

Inspect and clean up the gutters before the rainy season starts. It’s a fair simple activity that shouldn’t take much of your time. As you clear it up, ensure water is being directed to the downspouts and away from your home. If need be, bury these pipes in the ground or increase the length of the downspouts so they can carry water farther out.  

4)  Poor Grading 

Your yard or landscape grading could also be contributing to summer leaks. You expect water to drain away whenever it rains, but if the grading is level, water will stagnate and sit close to the foundation. Walk around the perimeter of your home and inspect the soil surrounding this area. 

If the drainage is poor, which is a common problem, you have to rectify it as soon as possible. Contact your landscaping contractor or your basement contractor if you’re unsure of the next steps. 

5)   Leaking Window Wells 

Whenever it rains, your window wells and the pits around them can collect water. This water can go through the window frame right into your basement floor. If there are cracks or loose caulking, you can expect the leaks to intensify and damage to occur throughout your basement interior. 

Sadly, it’s a fairly common problem in many basements. You can prevent leaks by ensuring your window wells have proper drainage. In this case, you have to set the wells at the correct level. Excavate and fill the area with pebbles or round stones below the grade, then install a filter cloth and put back the ground cover. It’s a simple solution that does wonders. For free basement repair inspections and quotes, get in touch with Foundation Recovery Systems. We can address your drainage issues using any of our cost-effective solutions.

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