Some of the best scenes in movies and TV have occurred in basements.

It's not all horror films and killing sprees. Basements have played a role in the classic adventure comedy The Goonies. There have been basement scenes that reveal information about the characters, like in John Wick. In That 70s Show, the basement hang-out spot is where most of the activity happens. And of course, the Wheeler basement in Stranger Things has been the site of many important plot developments.

As basement professionals, we can't help but look at these famous basements differently. Even while we're watching the on-screen action, we're also assessing the basement for foundation problems, moisture issues, structural integrity, and other issues. We can't help it. It's our job. Find out how to repair the famous basements of movies and TV.

Stranger Things Basement Repair

In the fictional town of Hawkins, IN, the Wheeler basement from Stranger Things needs repairing. One wall was broken by a demon, and there are major power issues from lights. The repair team needs to check for foundation damage, fix the drywall, and upgrade the breaker box.

Sopranos Basement Repair

Tony Soprano used his basement for important conversations because he thought the noise from the central air unit made it a safe place to talk privately. The Feds wanted to listen in to these basement conversations so they planned to bug the basement, but the police officers' mission fell through when Tony's water heater exploded. Repairing the basement would involve cleaning up the water damage, installing a sump pump, and replacing the water heater.

The Goonies Basement Repair

In The Goonies, Sloth lives in the basement of the Fratelli family home, chained to the stone walls. After Chunk is captured and held captive in the basement too, the duo breaks out. Later, an underground cave collapses. Basement repairs would involve fixing the stonework, filling in the sinkhole, and securing the foundation.

The IT Crowd Basement Repair

Most of the episodes of The IT Crowd occur in the basement offices. It's messy and dingy. It's had fires, and there’s a goth living in the storeroom. To repair the basement offices, Reynholm Industries would need to add smoke detectors, improve wiring, and exterminate the spiders from Richard’s room.

Ghostbusters Basement Repair

In the basement of the Firehouse building where the Ghostbusters have their office, there is a containment unit that takes up most of the lower level. There's an important scene where the EPA inspector orders the Con Ed electrician to cut the power. This causes the containment unit to explode. Repairs would involve fixing the major foundation damage with piering and wall stabilization. Plus, installing a backup generator would stabilize the electrical system to prevent future problems.

Blackkklansman Basement Repair

In Blackkklansman, Felix has his Klan office in the basement of his Colorado home. The damp and dingy room is where he tries to give Flip a lie detector test. Basement repairs would involve mold remediation to fix the existing problem and adding a moisture barrier to keep out the humidity. The exterior should also be retrofitted with proper drainage to direct water away from the foundation.

That 70s Show Basement Repair

The Forman basement in That 70s Show is the classic hangout spot where Eric and his friends spend most of their time. It was the 1970s, and it got smoky down there. Repairing the basement would require deep cleaning to remove the funk and resin residue, and a dehumidifier to help improve the air quality.

Wayne's World Basement Repair

Wayne lived in the basement of his parents' house, and each Friday night, things would get loud when he would broadcast a live show with Garth. To resolve the noise problem, a construction team would build out a new studio room and soundproof the basement.

John Wick Basement Repair

The concrete floor of John Wick's basement was badly damaged when he used a sledgehammer to dig up the stash of weapons he had buried. Repairing the basement would involve assessing the foundation and pouring concrete to fix the slab.

Home Alone Basement Repair

After his family left him home alone, Kevin had an encounter in the basement with the furnace where it seemingly turned into a monster. Repairs would involve replacing the furnace and heat vents with a non-demonic furnace model. Kevin also said it smelled funny in the basement, so a dehumidifier would be installed to help improve the air quality.

Ozark Basement Repair

When Marty and his family moved to Missouri, the family took the top floor of the lakefront home, and Buddy moved into the basement. The dampness exacerbated Buddy's terminal illness. Repairs would involve dehumidifying the basement and improving air quality, as well as other waterproofing measures.

Batman Basement Repair

The Batcave is in the basement of Wayne Manor. It has an underground waterfall and a major bat infestation. The repair team would need to work on mold remediation and call in an exterminator. Plus, they need to repair the foundation problems to address the moisture.

Spy Basement Repair

In the movie Spy, Susan Cooper works for the CIA and her office is in the basement of Langley. The basements of the government buildings in the Washington, D.C. area are likely to have some problems, and in this case, the basement was infested with rats and mice. The facilities crew should call an exterminator and hire a basement pro to address the foundation gaps where the animals are getting in.

What Famous Basements Will Need to be Repaired in 2020?

We're looking forward to seeing more movies and TV shows that have basement scenes. What famous basements will need repair this year?

The Invisible Man was released in February. There is a basement scene, but it involves a spoiler.

Wonder Women 1984 is expected to be released in June, but there's not enough plot info available to know if there is a basement scene.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife is scheduled for a July release, and the plot is based around what happens when the family starts cleaning out the house after the grandfather dies. Co-author Jason Reitman told Vanity Fair, “I’m floored by the idea of what it would be like to find a proton pack in your grandparents’ basement."

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