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Protect Your Missouri Home From Weather This Season

Protecting your Missouri home from natural weather events means improving insulation, fixing your foundation, and waterproofing your basement or crawl space this year.

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Seasonal weather can affect your Missouri home in different ways. With a little bit of preparation throughout the year, you can minimize those effects and save yourself a bundle on home repair costs. From Kansas City to St. Louis, homeowners know that Missouri weather can damage your home, from summer rainstorms to winter ice. For help preparing for extreme weather this year, check out this list of recommended home maintenance tips.

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Lower Heating Costs with Improved Insulation

One thing we can plan for every fall, for Springfield residents and homeowners across the state of Missouri, is plunging temperatures shortly after the leaves begin to fall. Before the first major cold snap of the winter season this year, insulating your home’s basement or crawl space can help save you money on heating costs.

Improving your home’s insulation and controlling temperatures below ground can also protect against water damage from frozen pipes this winter. Thermal insulation and other products are available to help keep the warm air in and protect your basement or crawl space against moisture and water damage better than ever this year. A small investment in basement or crawl space insulation can save you hundreds of dollars on heating costs, with savings extending into the summer months as well.

Protect Against Storms with Basement or Crawl Space Waterproofing

In the spring, when the temperatures go up and the snow and ice become a thing of the past, damaging rainstorms can harm your Missouri home. Each year, the changing seasons bring strong wind and rain across the state. Before the spring rains this year, protect your home’s foundation, basement, or crawl space by adding improved waterproofing measures.

Basement waterproofing can include the installation of an interior drainage system to protect the home from floods, leaking pipes, and other emergencies. In addition, flood vents add another layer of protection for homeowners with a basement or crawl space. Finally, adding a sump pump to your basement or crawl space can also help protect against water damage from natural weather events. When you install the sump pump, make sure a backup battery is connected to ensure the protections work during a power outage.

Lower Humidity and Reduce Pest Infestations

One thing affecting homeowners each summer is pests. A basement or crawl space can be a source of humidity and standing water inside the home, attracting both pest and mold activity. Both can be unhealthy for the home’s residents.

During humid summer months, moisture enters Missouri basements or crawl spaces straight through a home’s foundation. Water damage from seepage through the home’s foundation is made worse by:

  • Wet soil conditions under and around the home – Reduce moisture in the basement or crawl space with a dehumidifier.
  • Leaking basement windows and window wells – To reduce moisture buildup, caulk windows indoors and out to improve insulation. Add filling (pebbles) around exterior window wells.
  • A damaged or cracked foundation – Schedule a professional foundation inspection to identify and fix cracks and foundation damage, reducing moisture and pest activity in the basement or crawl space.

Foundation Damage Due to Dry Conditions

In addition to winter storms and spring rains, a home’s foundation can also be damaged by dry conditions in the summer. In truth, dry soil conditions can be more harmful than wet ones to a home’s foundation. That is because dry soil levels can shrink over time, causing an increase in gas and pressure underneath the home, pushing on the foundation.

If your area experiences drought conditions or a lengthy dry spell this summer, watering your lawn, especially around the home’s exterior, can help reduce the negative effects on the foundation. You don’t want to overwater, however. To help, ensure your home’s exterior drains are working well and are not clogged. Or add a smart irrigation system that tracks the weather and water conditions nearby and waters just the right amount.

When you’re unclogging gutters outside, consider additional lawn maintenance as well. Cutting dry or damaged branches and removing dead trees helps protect your home from damage due to storms and high winds.

For help protecting your home against weather events this year, contact the professionals at Foundation Recovery Systems. We offer free inspections and repair estimates, and we’ll recommend solutions best suited to your home’s unique repair needs.

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