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Can You Waterproof a Crawl Space with A Dirt Floor?

A crawl space with a dirt floor needs to be properly waterproofed to prevent moisture infiltration, condensation, and water damage.

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One of the dilemmas people face when they move into homes with dirt crawl space is whether they should waterproof them or not. Of course, you can waterproof yours, and it’s important to do so sooner rather than later. Left as it is, the exposed dirt floor in your Kansas City, MO, home is going to be a conduit for moisture and creepy crawlies escaping the harsh weather outside. 

Vermin will get in and out as they please. Wooden joists and beams will start rotting, and this will weaken your home’s support. Floors and walls will feel cold. And you will have to breathe stale air and run your heater for long just to heat up this space. 

waterproofing in dirt crawl space

Keeping Out Moisture 

Moisture is the biggest threat to your crawl space health. You have to deal with it decisively. 

While some crawl spaces have concrete floors, dirt crawl spaces are generally the norm. It can be difficult to find the right products to address this delicate and important area of your home. But we at Foundation Recovery Systems have the best solutions to fit with your specific crawl space waterproofing and repair needs. 

Seal crawl space vents. 

As long as the vents stay open, moisture-laden air will keep flowing into the crawl space unabated. You can stop outside air by sealing the vents using plastic vent covers. We use durable and fade-resistant covers.  

Install interior drainage. 

You never know what the local weather will throw your way in the wet months. To prevent flooding, install a crawl space drainage system comprised of a sub-floor piping system that will stop water from wall joints and floors from pooling on the crawl space floor, as well as a sump pump to remove the water.  

Insulate the walls. 

Another thing you’d want to do is cover the crawl space walls with proper insulation. ExTremeBloc™ is our choice material. In addition to being durable, it has a superior R-value and low conductivity. Heat will bounce around the crawl space and not escape to the outside.  

Seal the crawl space. 

It’s essential for the crawl space to be isolated from moist outdoor air and water. To hold back moisture, cover the floor and walls with a 20-mil plastic vapor barrier. This cuts off the crawl space from the outside and the weather elements that can damage it. 

Dehumidify the crawl space. 

Sealing the crawl space helps lock out air. But what about the air and moisture that’s already inside? You’ve got to dry this air and clear out the mold spores and pollutants in it. A crawl space dehumidifier will come in handy for this purpose. 

Benefits of Crawl Space Waterproofing 

Waterproofing the crawl space is beneficial in many ways. First, it’s going to lock out moisture, the number one threat. Your crawl space will become dry and clean. As well as taming moisture, sealing this space will reduce your heating costs. Floors and walls in your home will stay warmer during winter. Stale air, mustiness, and toxic particles will no longer bother you or affect your family. Everyone will live and breathe easy. 

If you really value your home and want to avoid problems associated with a vented or dirt crawl space, now is the time to waterproof it. The professionals at Foundation Recovery Systems are happy to provide you with a free crawl space inspection and repair quote along with waterproofing recommendations.

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