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Want to Clean a Crawl Space? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Cleaning a dirty or smelly crawl space involves more than just sweeping out dirt and debris. A lot goes into keeping it clean as well. Sometimes, you may have to carry out occasional repairs; other times you may have to kill pests or eliminate mold as well as moisture. Whatever action you’re going to take will likely cost you money. Read on and find out what goes into cleaning a crawl space of your Kansas City, MO, home and how much it costs so you can budget for the next clean-up.

cost to clean your crawl space

Crawl Space Cleanup Costs

Before you embark on the much-needed crawl space clean-up exercise, it’s good to know how much it will cost to clean your crawl space for budgeting purposes. Here’s a highlight of the costs you may incur. These are general ballpark estimates, and it’s best to check with a contractor before proceeding.

Depending on their growth and spread, fungi removal could cost you around $1,500. So set aside some money for this when snow begins to thaw.

After a flood, your crawl space may deteriorate. The cost of cleaning alone could be upwards of $2,000. Throw in repairs, fixing insulation and waterproofing, and you’re likely to spend an additional $10,000 or more.

Any damaged or rotten beams won’t support your home for long. So if floor joists have to be replaced, you’re looking at a ballpark cost of $2,000 or more per joist, and $5,000 or more for the main beam. How much you’ll spend depends on the type of material. If there’s structural damage, access is going to be limited, and this may, in turn, increase the cost of cleaning.

As long as you have a vented crawl space, you can expect pests and crawling insects to come when it’s hot and dry. Fumigating crawl space pests with a specialized pest control company may cost you $1,000, but that’s on the lower end. The cost could be more depending on the seriousness of the infestation.

A crawl space that’s infested with mold poses serious health risks. Cleaning up and treating mold could set you back $2,000 or more for a small area. Mold growth could be a sign of underlying moisture issues that need to be addressed as well.

On average, you’re looking at potentially spending anywhere between $3,000 and $15,000 to clean up your messy and dirty crawl space. Any additional work may cost you $2,000 to $4,000 depending on the complexity of the job. Ultimately, how much money you’ll spend on the whole exercise depends on the size, condition, and repairs your crawl space requires.

How Much Time to Clean?

We understand how much anxiety a clean-up exercise can cause. For this reason, you may want to know how long cleaning will take. Well, that depends on the size of the crawl space and whether repairs are needed. If it’s a simple cleaning, probably a couple of hours just to clean dirt, remove debris and stagnant water will be sufficient. But if the crawl space is in bad shape, you will have to repair it and replace rotten wood before repairs can commence. And this could take a few days.

Handy Tips to Save Money

When you first started, you probably thought you’d just spend a couple of hundred dollars to clean up the mess that’s your crawl space. But soon enough, you found the costs of cleaning are higher than you expected. Here’s how you can save money.

  • Set aside money for routine cleaning just as you do with other maintenance tasks per year.
  • Get multiple quotes from different contractors, then compare who gives value for money.
  • Go for a contractor who offers all-inclusive services such as encapsulation, cleaning, and repairs.
  • Read the finer details of your contract so you won’t get caught by surprise.
  • Try to fix your crawl space and clean up the same day, as every hour of labor will cost you money.
  • Find out what extra things a contractor offers above and beyond the rest.

Should I Clean the Crawl Space?

As much as cleaning the crawl space looks like an exciting job, we can assure it’s not that rosy when you get down there. The oppressive heat, dirt, and allergens are all going to gang up on you. Don’t forget hazards such as exposed electrical wires. Things may get worse if you don’t have the right gear or tools for the job. After a half-hearted clean-up, you may give up and leave the place a mess.If you’d like to clean your crawl space in Kansas City, MO, or give it a major facelift, schedule a free crawl space inspection. We will offer you solid recommendations to clean and fix your crawl space.

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