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Do You Need A Battery Backup Sump Pump?

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Sump pumps are among the most common waterproofing solutions used in homes across the nation. Even these waterproofing measures, however, sometimes need a backup.

Battery backup sump pumps are simple and straightforward support systems designed to keep your sump pump moving. When do you need one of these pumps, and what does it take to install one in your home?

When Do You Need A Battery Backup Pump?

Most sump pumps are relatively reliable. While you may be able to account for your pump’s integrity, you won’t always know when your electricity will fail you. With that in mind, why not install a battery backup pump to protect your sump pump?

A battery backup sump pump helps protect your home through a myriad of means. For starters, it will continue to pump water out of your home even when your power goes out. If it’s a storm that’s knocked your electricity out of commission, you can rest easy knowing that your basement or crawl space won’t fall victim to standing water.

That’s not all a battery backup sump pump does, though. These pumps will also alert you if your sump pump should start to fail. While the means through which a pump alerts you to a primary failure will vary, you’ll be able to rely on these pumps to keep your home dry while reaching out to a contractor in your area.

How Do Battery Backup Pumps Work?

Battery backup sump pumps, however, are more like sump pump additives. You need a standard sump pump in place if your battery backup is going to work.

Because these pumps are battery-operated, you’ll need to make sure your backup pump’s battery is fully charged if you suspect a storm may be rolling in. With mindful care and maintenance, these pumps can last for years at a time.

The Benefits of a Battery Backup Pump

If you’re worried about your basement flooding, then a battery backup sump pump is the ideal pump for you. These pumps, as you’ve probably gathered, will help you double-up on your home protection. You’ll be able to rely on your battery backup pump to protect your home, even when the power goes out.

That’s not the only benefit these pumps boast, though. When you invest in a battery backup pump, you’ll be able to: 

  • Lower your water and electric bills
  • Stay on top of sump pump maintenance
  • Extend the life of your other waterproofing solutions, including your standard sump pump 

A battery backup sump pump is a maintenance tool as well as an affordable waterproofing measure. You’ll save money on your bills after your installation while also investing in your home’s future.

Installing A Battery Backup Pump

Battery backup sump pumps are relatively easy to install. You can choose to seek one out and install it on your own time. Alternatively, you can reach out to one of the contractors working in the St. Louis, MO, area to have them install your pump for you, which is what we recommend.

To install a battery backup sump pump, either your contractor will need to: 

  1. Attach the unit to the wall.
  2. Connect the appropriate cables to their terminals.
  3. Plug the pump in.
  4. Test your pumps’ compatibility.

Before deciding on a battery backup sump pump, you’ll want to discuss whether or not one’s necessary with your local foundation and basement repair contractor. The contractors in the St. Louis, MO, area will be able to inspect your home and offer you a free quote on installation services. They’ll also let you know whether you live in an area that warrants a backup installation.

If you do choose to invest in a backup pump, good news! These pumps can usually be installed and put into use within a day. You can even talk to your construction team if you want to have a backup pump installed while your home is still being built.

Don’t let your worries about Mother Nature keep you from enjoying your time in your home. When you invest in a battery backup sump pump, you take steps both to protect your home and preserve your peace of mind.

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