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Wet and moldy basement stairs and walls

5 Tips for Sealing and Waterproofing Your Basement Stairs

Waterproofing your basement stairs is vital in preserving the beauty and integrity of your basement. Read on to find out how to seal your basement stairs.

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After completely sealing off your Moberly, MO, basement, you’d expect it to stay dry all year round, right? Wrong. Your stairway might just be the weak link in your waterproofing efforts. A little water on your basement staircase or dampness does have a negative impact on your home. Mold, musty smells, and wood rot are all possibilities. So, you shouldn’t downplay moisture issues emanating from the stairway. 

Here is an easy five-step guide for sealing and maintaining your basement stairs.

moisture in basement stairs

1. Control roof runoff 

Basement moisture on the stairway is the result of water runoff problems outside your home. To rectify this, start by cleaning out your gutters and repair them on a regular basis. Downspouts that discharge too close to your foundation wall inject water into the basement. Make sure the downspouts flow into a drain, extend at least four feet away from your home’s foundation, or are placed in the ground. 

2. Re-grade your yard 

Have the soil surrounding your home’s foundation perimeter arranged so it has a positive grade, meaning it slopes away from your house. Doing so prevents rainwater from collecting on your foundation walls. Also, make sure you trim all overgrown trees and bushes. This promotes proper drainage and prevents foundation leaks. 

3. Repair any cracks 

Once you remove the water pressure from the exterior of your home’s foundation, you can go on to seal any cracks in your basement that might be letting in water near the stairs.  

4. Thoroughly clean the staircase 

Before applying a sealant to the stairs, sweep dust and dirt off the staircase. Look for any leaves, moss, or spiderwebs stuck in corners and sweep them loose. Create a mixture of cleaning detergent and warm water and use it to scrub the concrete stair. Rinse off the staircase with clean water and let the concrete dry. 

5. Install a grated drainage pipe system 

When waterproofing the basement, you also want to make sure floodwater doesn’t get in through the hatchway entryway or stairs on the pre-cast entryway. Typical hatchways aren’t sealed to the foundation walls. If you’re at risk of flooding, we recommend a grated drainage pipe to beat back the floodwater. The pipe comes with a grated opening on top, which collects water and directs it to the sump pump. It’s flush with the floor and spans doorways and entrances. 

Benefits of waterproofing basement stairs 

Waterproofing the stairs in the basement bolsters your waterproofing efforts. It also helps you avoid moisture-related problems like condensation, water damage, mold growth, mildew, and wood rot. You’ll have a clean, dry space that you can put into good use. Best of all, you’ll avoid the frustrations and costs that come with seasonal basement repairs. 

Need help sealing or maintaining your basement stairs? 

Sealing out moisture and waterproofing your basement stairs is the most sensible thing you can do. If you need professional basement stairs waterproofing, the basement experts at Foundation Recovery Systems have the solutions you need. We will create a safer, healthier, and drier living space for your family to enjoy for many years. Contact us to schedule a free inspection and waterproofing quote and get reassuring answers and lasting solutions to your moisture problems.

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