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9 Must-Have Basement Waterproofing Products

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Products for basement waterproofing

Your basement is prone to condensation or water seepage, so it’s an area that needs extra care and protection. The best way to keep it dry and clean is to install basement waterproofing solutions.

There are so many ways you and your family can benefit from trusted repair solutions. To avoid recurring moisture issues, you want to make sure you go for the best products in the market.

We’re going to highlight 9 of them and how they can help you create a moisture-free and mold-free basement that also requires less heating.

1) Basement Dehumidifiers

Many homeowners in Kansas City, MO, struggle with basement humidity during hot and humid months. Without a dehumidifier, the effects of condensation will become apparent. Your home will become damp, moldy and musty. You can stop moisture buildup and subsequent condensation by installing an energy-efficient dehumidifier in the basement. We strongly recommend you get a unit with humidity control and built-in air filter, as well as one that self-drains into a sump pump system.

2) Interior Drainage System

Second on your basement waterproofing products list should be an interior drainage system. It will help you capture water that seeps through wall cracks or leaks along the wall and floor joints. Water enters the system through inlet holes and goes out via the drainage pipe to your sump pump. A typical system is easier to install and less expensive than an exterior drainage system. If you can get one that’s made of plastic, it can serve you for years as it will never decay or corrode.

3) Wall Crack Repair

Hydrostatic pressure and soil movements can cause your basement walls to crack and eventually bow inward. When this happens, your walls will start letting in water. You can fix this problem by using wall crack repair. The good thing about it is that it cannot re-open or leak like mortar-based repair solutions. It’s also compatible with perimeter drainage systems.

4) Basement Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are essential in removing any water from your basement and preventing damaging floods. When shopping for a sump pump, get one with a soil filter and a battery backup. Make sure your contractor installs it at the lowest point of the basement if the floor is uneven, as water is likely to collect in this spot.

5) Basement Insulation

It’s designed to reduce moisture condensation and enhance the comfort of your basement. Also, it can make the home energy-efficient by reducing the costs of heating and cooling. When installed properly, your basement insulation reduces the risk of frozen pipes during winter, eliminates dampness, and reduces the risk of mold growth.

6) Vapor Barriers/Wall Covering

Another useful product you should add to your list is basement vapor barrier material. This will help stop moisture from seeping through foundation walls into the basement.

7) Frozen Discharge Line Protection

During winter, the exterior discharging lines of your basement sump pump can freeze or clog and become useless. The only way to ensure that the sump pump keeps water flowing is to install a freeze relief for your discharge line. It will protect your sump and basement against flooding even if the discharge line freezes or gets clogged.

8) Downspout Extensions

As part of your exterior waterproofing, you may need to install downspout lines. This will help channel water away from the foundation of your home. A good gutter and downspout system should be clog-free. If you have already downspout extensions, check to ensure they’re draining rainwater away properly.

9) Grated Drain Pipe

Is your home under threat of floods? As well as installing a sump pump, consider installing a grated drainpipe on your doorway. It will help stop water from the outside by channeling it right into the perimeter drainage system, which is then channeled outside by the sump pump. It’s advisable that you install it just after your door to prevent clogging.

Looking to install high-performance basement waterproofing products from trusted vendors? Not sure what products you need? Schedule a free basement waterproofing inspection today and get solid recommendations from trusted basement experts with years of experience.

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