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5 Signs to Look Out for Before Buying a Home

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It’s the turn of another new year, and with it comes new goals and changes. For some of you, this includes the excitement of purchasing a new home. Whether you’re becoming a first-time homeowner or transitioning to your forever home, it is important that your biggest investment is nothing short of remarkable.

When looking at potential homes, it is a chance to look closer for any signs of chronic issues going on. Noticing these beforehand can prevent the catastrophe of purchasing a home and being stuck with expensive and stressful complications instead of enjoying your new milestone.

Here are a few symptoms to keep an eye out for when viewing a potential home:

1. Cracks & Gaps

This may seem obvious to look for any cracking or gaps, but it’s important to know why you’re looking. Both are likely signs of a settling foundation, which means they could get worse unless the current homeowner has already had the foundation stabilized.

Areas to be mindful of checking include:

BrickWindow/Door Frames

Keep in mind not every single little crack could mean the home is shifting, but they also don’t have to be huge, either. Use your best judgment, and when in doubt, ask to have them inspected!

2. Sloping Floors

Be attentive to what’s going on under your feet. Does it feel like there is a slant in the floor? Don’t hesitate to bring a level or even a marble to place on the ground as a quick check for how uniform it is. Sagging floors are a sign that there isn’t adequate support underneath in the crawlspace, and the last thing you want is an unstable floor in your new home.

3. Leaning Walls

Unless you’re in the market for a funhouse, there shouldn’t be any unusual tilting of the walls in the home. It goes without saying that a wall that looks ready to cave in should not be in your dream home. Leaning walls are another sign of a failing foundation and require immediate attention.

4. Water Damage

In the basement specifically, take notice of any wet spots, water stains, or rust. Even if there aren’t any noticeable cracks in the walls or bad pipes, water can find its way into the home if there isn’t a proper drainage system installed. Anything that indicates leaking or presence of water can be a red flag worth pointing out.

5. Sticking Doors/Windows

Check all of the doors and windows. Do they open and close with ease? Even if only one or two are jamming, this is yet another symptom of a foundation in need of attention.

Don’t just agree to have them replaced. This is not a problem with the door or window. It is a foundation problem, which means replacements will still have issues.

What to do if you see any of the above:

At Foundation Recovery Systems, we aim to create remarkable experiences for homeowners and restore peace of mind in their homes. If you see any of these symptoms but have a genuine interest in the house, we can help.

Schedule a free inspection  to gauge the problem and an estimate of the solution. The cost of fixing the problem can usually be figured into the buying price of the home. If not, you are at least made aware of repair costing before making any decisions.

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