Why is repairing my foundation right away important?

If you see any kind of cracks or movement in your foundation walls, you need to act now! The longer you put these issues out of your mind or on the back burner, the more costly the foundation repair projects will be in the long run. You’re also endangering your safety and the safety of your loved ones.

Your home – whether it is in St. Louis, Kansas City, or the surrounding area – is a significant investment, and it is important to ensure its health and safety today and for the future. A problematic foundation also affects the value of and ability to sell a home.

The return on investment from basement repair is estimated to be around 30 percent. But the health and structural benefits, not to mention peace of mind, are priceless.

Various factors impact your home’s appraisal value, but structural integrity, water issues, and other problems are important areas you need to be aware of. When selling your house, it is important to disclose any past or current damage. While you are not required by the state of Missouri to reveal damaging defects about your property beyond certain criminal histories, it does set clear expectations regarding the quality and condition of the home, as well as any previous or needed foundation repair. (Source: Nolo)

We understand that foundation repair can be a daunting undertaking. Because the issues worsen over time, it can seem easier to simply leave them alone and wait. But that is not a safe or smart approach. Here are some pieces of bad advice we’ve heard that homeowners should not follow about their foundation issues.

  • “Continue to monitor the crack until something changes.” If you just wait it out, then the foundation could shift and change the type of solution needed to fix it. This can result in a more costly foundation repair project.
  • “All the settlement already happened.” Settlement happens when the soil beneath the home can no longer uphold the structure. This means settlement will continue to happen as the weight pushes down on pockets of compromised soil.
  • “Out of sight, out of mind.” Just like every problem, it still exists even if you don’t see it. A cracked or bowing foundation will continue shifting even if it’s covered up. This also means that foundation issues can be hiding behind things like drywall and furniture.
  • “Just put another wall in front of the bowing wall.” This is not a permanent foundation repair solution. The original wall simply will continue shifting and potentially push on the new wall as well. A new wall in front also will not support the rest of the home’s foundation.
  • “Brace it with wood.” Nailing boards to a wall will not prevent it from shifting further. Wood is not strong enough to uphold the weight of a foundation. Similarly, using wooden beams or metal pipes placed at 45-degree angles also are not strong enough, and they are extremely space-intrusive.

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