Installing a Perimeter Drain System

For reliable sump pump installation, it’s a good idea to install a perimeter French drain system, like BasementGutter®. In this sump pump installation process, the floor around the edge of the basement is jack-hammered, and a layer of clean stone is set down. A perimeter drain is installed on top of the stone, and is backfilled with more clean stone. The purpose of this drain is to collect water from the basement wall-floor joint, the basement walls and from under the basement floor, and direct it to the installed sump pump. Our patented BasementGutter® Basement Drainage System includes a wall flange that extends slightly up the basement wall to collect water that may leak from the walls. If you have one of our basement wall products installed, the wall covering will be tucked behind the flange to direct moisture from the walls into your drain. If your home has concrete block walls, weep holes will be drilled in the blocks at the very bottom to relieve the water and the pressure from the walls.

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