Wet Basement or Crawl Space Causes, Signs, and Solutions


We all love spring, but how many love the rainy weather the season brings? Although the rain is great for our environment, it can be dangerous to your home. If your home experiences settlement, the possibility of water damage is more likely to happen.

There are multiple causes for water damage to your home’s crawl space or basement:

  • Clogged drains

Footing drains are outside of your home and are designed to help steer any water away from your home’s foundation. If these drains become clogged, then the water is forced to gather near your foundation, ultimately putting pressure against your foundation.

  • Hydrostatic Pressure

Hydrostatic pressure will cause your foundation walls to crack or bow. When your walls do this, the ability of water to enter your home is extremely high.

  • Soil Settlement

With time, backfill soil begins to grade towards your home. When this happens, it allows rain water to flow towards your home.

  • Rainfall
basement cove joints
Wet basement floors

When rainfall occurs, it puts more pressure against your home. This only helps worsen the prior water damage problems your home is already experiencing.

When your home is undergoing settlement and water damage problems, there are warning signs as homeowners to notice.

    1. Efflorescence- as water and concrete meet, a chalky mineral substance will be left on your floors and walls.
    2. Condensation- rusted metals and water droplets are signs of high humidity due to water damage, which are breeding grounds for must, mold, and mildew.
    3. Wet basement walls- build up of water and condensation will cause your walls to become damp.

Luckily, Foundation Recovery Systems can provide a solution for wet crawl space or basement water damage.

If your crawl space is flooding or experiencing water damage, then the SafeDri Pro Sump Pump will help. This sump pump is designed to control and stop high water capacity that may enter your home’s crawl space and will not corrode due to the cast iron epoxy finished design.

For any basements that are experiencing water damage, the SafeDri ProX or Triple Sump Pumps will help provide a dry basement. Both of these sump pumps are also designed with an epoxy finished, cast iron body, and are designed to be long lasting. They have battery back up systems for power outage situations.

Spring is almost here! Before the weather has a chance ruins your home’s crawl space or basement, call Foundation Recovery Systems at (660) 202-8662 or fill out the form for a free basement or crawl space inspection.