Worried About the Condition of Your Sump Pump?

keep your sump pump working

Spring and summer seasons may seem like a mixed bag for many residents of Kansas City, MO. On one hand, they’re happy that the weather is warm, and they can enjoy the outdoors, yet they’re worried that heavy rains could trigger flash floods that can damage their basements or crawl spaces. Does this scenario describe you? 

If you don’t want the rains to spoil the party, get a sump pump. And if you have one, take good care of it. A well-maintained sump pump, together with interior drainage, will stop excess water from creating an emergency situation. We strongly recommend you sign up for a hassle-free maintenance plan. 

Common Sump Pump Problems 

A defective sump pump will always display particular signs. When testing yours, be sure to look out for these signs: 

Easy Sump Pump Maintenance Tips 

Though sump pumps are low-maintenance devices, they still require occasional checks and care. Below are handy tips that can help you keep the sump pump working correctly: 

To check if your sump pump needs service, pour water into the pit. If the pump starts on its own and the water quickly drains, it’s in good condition. Otherwise, the pump needs servicing. 

Why you should take care of the sump pump 

A functional sump pump is your best defense against possible flooding that can damage your belongings, foster wood rot, and trigger water-borne illnesses such as bilharzia and malaria. Servicing your sump pump also prevents simple cleanup and repairs from turning into expensive repairs or part replacements. By installing and maintaining a sump pump, you also demonstrate to your insurance company that you’re taking active measures to mitigate potential floods. 

Flood protection starts with you. Now that you know how to take care of your sump pump, we hope you feel empowered to keep it running so it will continue to protect your home and family. 

If your basement sump pump has problems but you can’t quite pinpoint the issue or you need to replace a part urgently, get in touch with our experts. We offer free sump pump inspection and repair quotes, sound advice, and lasting waterproofing solutions to our customers. 

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