One of the most common causes of household flooding is a problem with the water heater. Even professionals can have some difficulty identifying a problem with a water heater due to the fact that the outside will usually look fine even when there is a significant problem on the interior.

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When water heaters do rupture or burst, they can pour out gallons of water in very little time. In order to protect yourself, install the early warning FloodRing system from Foundation Recovery Systems.

What It Does:

The FloodRing is a 4-inch tall PVC ring that is sealed to your basement floor around the water tank. This is an effective solution for protecting your home from being damaged by a flood caused by a water heater leak.

An added bonus of the FloodRing is that it can be connected to your perimeter drainage system, which would channel the water directly to your sump pump – never leaving you with a water mess to clean up! The FloodRing is very quick and easy to install, usually taking only half an hour or less.

An optional WaterWatch Floor Alarm is also available, which is able to detect flooding water and sound off, giving you a warning right away.

Flood Protection for Your Water Heater 

The #1 claim that insurance companies pay out on homeowners’ policies is water damage. Of these claims, damage related to water heaters is especially common. During the life of your home, your water heater will need to be replaced numerous times, with an average system lasting as little as seven years.

The unfortunate part of water heater leaks is that they automatically refill themselves, so that leak will continue to pump out water until it is either repaired or replaced. This constant water leak could easily cause your basement to flood with several feet of water in a short amount of time!

Installing the FloodRing with a WaterWatch Alarm is the best way to manage this problem. It’s an inexpensive addition to your basement waterproofing system that will someday pay for itself many times over.

Protect your home from water heater leaks

Don’t take any chances with your water heater having a problem and causing significant damage to your home. Installing a FloodRing will ensure that you are notified if there is any leak in your water heater, keeping you protected.

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