Floor Cracks

Floods from the floor. Floor cracks expose basements to water underneath the slab.

One of the more puzzling issues that homeowners face with their wet basement is the challenge of stopping water from rising up through their basement floor. Fortunately, basement floor cracks can be easily and effectively repaired as part of a proper perimeter drainage system. At Foundation Recovery Systems, we are dedicated to your satisfaction. Our experts have the experience and tools necessary to repair your floor cracks and keep your basement dry.

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When your basement is leaking from a floor crack, we at Foundation Recovery Systems typically suggest installing a lateral line drainage system that will work with your sump pump to redirect the water outside of your basement. This usually involves a three-step process:

Install A Perimeter Drainage System: We strongly recommend that your first step is to install a perimeter drainage system. This will often intercept the water before it reaches your floor crack, ensuring a dry basement and eliminating the problem.

Install a Drainage Channel, Starting at the Crack: When direct drainage is necessary, we can remove a section of the basement floor and run a line of PVC underneath. This PVC line would lead to your sump pump. When pitched properly, any water entering the drain will be directed naturally to the sump pump.

Restore the Floor: After the drain has been installed, your waterproofer will backfill with stone and place fresh concrete over the area for a clean, professional look. Allow three days for this concrete to cure properly before walking on it or reapplying weight to the surface.


Water can also rise directly through the porous concrete of your floor slab. Carpet or wood installed on the concrete will trap this moisture underneath, resulting in mold and rot. Be sure to seal your basement floor before installing carpet or organic materials.

Your sump pump should take care of the water that collects under your floor by pumping it out into the perimeter drainage system. Your sump pump typically stops water before it even reaches the surface, so a lateral drain may be recommended in most cases.

However, in the event of very serious flooding through cracks, a lateral line is a quick and easy fix to keep your basement dry. No matter what kind of condition your basement is in, leave it to the experts at Foundation Recovery Systems to solve the problem.


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