Flooded Stairs

A telltale sign that your basement has waterproofing issues is flooding from your stairs or stairwell entry. Stairwell entrances are usually built separately from your home’s foundation walls, so water can easily seep through any voids between your home and your exterior stairwell entrance.

Don’t let flooded stairs ruin your basement, we can fix it! Our experts install drainage systems to help prevent flooding in your exterior stairwells and communicate with you throughout the entire process. All of our solutions come with a written lifetime warranty, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ll always be protected.

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The BasementGutter™ system is designed with a grated opening on top that collects water and sends it to your perimeter drain. Meant as part of a perimeter drain system, it’s a great way to keep hatchway flooding out of the basement, and away from your furniture and belongings.


Old hatchway doors can be faulty and have cracks or openings that can allow water to seep through. To prevent flooding through your hatchway, we recommend our BasementGutter™ Perimeter Drainage System to keep your basement safe and flood-free.

The BasementGutter™  is designed with a half-round pipe section, with a grated top fitting. When installed, it’s flush with the rest of your concrete floor for a clean, professional job. It is meant to be used as part of an existing perimeter drain system. It spans the staircase, collecting water that spills down and directs it to your drain and sump pump system. This system can span the entrance of the hatchway or can be extended inside the hatchway itself.

BasementGutter™ is fully compatible in homes that have a radon mitigation system installed. A simple ball and cup mechanism seals the drain when not in use. We also sometimes recommended this system for use along garage doorways as well as other entrances where water may intrude into your home.


No matter how water is entering your basement, Foundation Recovery Systems has solutions to waterproof your basement and keep your personal belongings protected. From wall cracks, to leaky windows, to flooding stairwells, we have solutions for you!

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