Musty Smell In Basement

Not only is a musty smell in your basement a nuisance, but it can also be a telltale sign that there are moisture, and potentially mold issues in your home. Although air fresheners or candles may help temporarily, the issue that is causing the musty smell is still there. The only way to truly get rid of the smell is to get rid of the moisture and mold in your basement. We recommend using a professional to get rid of the mold as it can be dangerous to remove yourself.

Once the mold is removed by a professional, Foundation Recovery Systems offers waterproofing and air filtration systems that will permanently waterproof your basement, regulate the air, and prevent future mold spore growth from occurring.

Once your basement is waterproofed and the mold is gone, the smell should go with it. If you only address the mold and not the water or humidity build-up issue, it will be difficult to completely get rid of the musty smell, and the mold could repopulate down the road.

Mold can be a very serious issue in your home and potentially lead to health problems. Our experts at Foundation Recovery Systems will not only come in and fix the issue, but they will also take their time to educate you on things to look out for to avoid future issues. We pride ourselves on providing a remarkable experience for all of our customers and provide constant communication throughout the entire process.

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Our dehumidifier is an energy-efficient dehumidifier for your basement or crawl space. This will leave you with a clean, dry space in your basement.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to dry out your basement is to use a dehumidifier. We offer the Foundation Recovery Systems’ Dehumidifier dehumidifier to protect your home and increase comfort.

At Foundation Recovery Systems, we offer a number of waterproofing services to keep your basement dry and to eliminate mold and musty smells.

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