The Foundation Recovery Systems headquarters, located in Moberly, was a busy place on Friday, June 15, 2012. Installers, Sales and Office staff gathered for an educational and fun day of activities.

The overall mission of Foundation Recovery Systems is “to exceed customer expectations” and that was the theme of Training Day. The morning started with the Installers reviewing standard procedures and role playing customer interaction. The goal was to make sure the installers felt comfortable communicating important job information to home owners.

Next on the agenda was a sump pump assembly contest. Crew members had a great time competing in speed and accuracy to assemble the SafeDri SumpPump, which is the recommended product for the best waterproofing solution in homes. The top time was one minute, thirty seconds assembled by Crew Foreman, Derek Mutter! The installers later challenged Sales to the same contest and, although the sales team made a great effort, the crew proved that they had the superior skills in this category. Customers should feel confident that the installers are well trained in product installation.

An equipment rodeo was held to challenge crew members on their knowledge and skills at operating large equipment. Steve Craig, Foundation Recovery Systems’ Equipment Operator, expertly showed them how to move an egg without breaking it and pick up a bucket of water and transfer it across a barrier, without spilling the water. The crew members accepted the challenge and proved that there are many talented equipment operators among the team. The importance of smart equipment operation and expert job site cleanup was stressed to everyone at Foundation Recovery Systems.

After lunch, the office staff joined the fun to participate in FRS Trivia. Everyone was split into six diverse teams and quizzed in the categories of: Waterproofing, Piers, Anchors, Crawl Spaces and General Knowledge. It was a great way to realize that each member of the team is valuable to Foundation Recovery Systems and each brings their own strengths to the business.

After a busy day of learning, food and fun, the day ended with a friendly game of volleyball. Despite the heat, Team Foundation Recovery Systems had a great time, marking the day as a success.

One way Foundation Recovery Systems exceeds customer expectations is by providing the customer with the most highly trained and certified team of experts in the business. All System Design Specialists and each member of the Installation Crew receive extensive training on products and installation. They not only receive continuous training from the experts at Foundation Recovery Systems, but rigorous training is provided by the product manufacturers, Foundation Supportworks Inc and Basement Systems. System Design Specialists and Installers are all trained and certified in waterproofing, pier and anchor installation.