The Ins and Outs of Tree Root Removal

remove tree roots

When tree roots start to compromise your home’s structural integrity, you’ll want to act fast. There are several ways to protect your home from root systems, including root removal. What are your root removal options, and when is root removal necessary?

Signs of Tree Root-Based Foundation Damage

Before discussing root removal with any of the professionals in your area, you’ll want to make sure that the damage in your basement or foundation can, in fact, be traced to the roots in your yard. It’s best to call on one of the basement and foundation repair professionals in the Kansas City, MO, area for help. These professionals will be able to inspect your basement and foundation to determine where the bulk of your damage is coming from.

That said, there are some signs that give away root-based foundation damage. The most common ones will include:

Removing Tree Roots From Around Your Foundation

You have options when considering how best to remove tree roots from your yard. When you’re looking to protect your foundation, some of your best options will include:

Preventing Tree Root Foundation Damage

Do you want to get ahead of potential root damage? You can protect your foundation from sprawling root systems by:

Don’t let the trees in your yard run up your repair bills. Get in touch with a professional basement and foundation repair contractor today for a free home inspection and quote on waterproofing and other services.

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