The Ins and Outs of PolyRenewal Injections

what is polyrenewal

Whether the concrete on your property is suffering from cracks of slipping away from its original location, you’re going to need professional help to repair it. PolyRenewal injections are the foundation and basement repair industry’s updated take on mudjacking, and the injections nowadays serve as a viable repair solution.

What, though, is a PolyRenewal injection, and how can its uses vary from home to home?

What Is PolyRenewal?

PolyRenewal is an expanding foam that works explicitly with concrete. This foam evolves the process of mudjacking, which was originally used to lift sinking concrete in and around. Nowadays, you can rely on PolyRenewal to lift up a sinking slab foundation floor, back porch, or front drive. More specifically, PolyRenewal injections can restore slipping concrete slabs by lifting them back into place, level concrete driveways or sidewalks, and more.

How, explicitly, does PolyRenewal work? Most contractors will take the following four steps to prepare your home for a PolyRenewal injection:

  1. Drill holes large enough for the injections in your existing concrete, typically about the size of a penny.
  2. Insert injection ports.
  3. Begin the injection process, filling the ground beneath your concrete with environmentally-friendly PolyRenewal foam.
  4. Seal and smooth over the injection points.

You can see how PolyRenewal injections can help protect your concrete slabs from slippage. On some occasions, though, contractors are able to use this foam to fill cracks in a fractured foundation. This extracurricular use of the foam needs to be addressed on a case-by-case basis, but it is on the table if you’ve been dealing with long-term damage.

The Advantage of PolyRenewal

What benefits do PolyRenewal and PolyRenewal injections have over other foundation lifting and repair solutions? When you use PolyRenewal to support or repair your foundation, you get:

What’s even better is PolyRenewal’s flexibility. If you’re combating issues such as widespread cracks throughout a concrete slab, your contractors will be able to use PolyRenewal’s two-part foam formula as they see fit. This doesn’t mean that PolyRenewal is a cure-all when it comes to lifting and repair, but its flexibility certainly has its benefits.

When to Use PolyRenewal Around Your Home

As mentioned, PolyRenewal has myriad uses. PolyRenewal is most often used to lift settling concrete slabs outside such as sidewalks or pool decks. In other circumstances, it can be used to repair the concrete slabs inside your home.

When, then, should you talk to your local contractors about using PolyRenewal as a repair measure?

When in doubt, look for symptoms of damage throughout your property. These symptoms include but are not limited to:

If you notice these symptoms cropping up around your home, you’ll want to get in touch with a local foundation and basement repair contractor as soon as possible. These professionals will be able to inspect your home and provide you with a free quote on services, which may include a PolyRenewal injection.

Don’t let concrete damage permanently compromise the value of your home. If you think PolyRenewal may be the cure for you, reach out to the professionals in the greater St. Louis, MO, area.

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