Servicing Your Sump Pump System In Missouri & Eastern Kansas

Annual maintenance, warranty work & system repairs for a dry basement

An ugly, clogged sump pump system in St. Joseph, Missouri & Kansas

Like any other mechanical appliance in your home, your sump pump system should have annual service & maintenance to be sure it is working at peak performance in your home.

At Foundation Recovery Systems, our experts will inspect your sump pump, basement drainage, and other components of your system, finding any potential problems before they find you! In addition to our annual maintenance, we provide complete repairs if they are every necessary.

When the time comes to have this work done, we can help! Our experts service our existing systems in Missouri & Kansas, including Columbia, Kansas City, Springfield and nearby.

Servicing Your Basement Waterproofing System

At Foundation Recovery Systems, we recommend annual service and maintenance of your waterproofing system. During your service visit, our technician will perform the following services:

  1. Test & Clean Your Sump Pump System: Like any machine, the moving parts in your sump pump can wear out and break down over time. We thoroughly examine all aspects of your sump pump, including the float switch, intake valve, and impeller, cleaning all parts and replacing them if necessary.

    Once the service technician finds that the pump is working correctly, the sump pump liner will be cleaned of any sediment or silt that may be present. This important step will keep it from building in the future and potentially clogging check valves, etc.
  2. Test & Replace Batteries: The battery in your WaterWatch® Sump Pump Alarm should be replaced once a year, and the service technician will take care of this during the visit. Additionally, the battery for your backup sump pump will be tested to make sure it's holding a proper charge.
  3. Service Your Dehumidifier: Our SaniDry™ dehumidifiers include two filters that will need to be maintained. Your service technician will clean the pre-filter and replace the air filter, ensuring proper functioning. Additionally, the SaniDry™ will be oiled and have interior parts inspected.
  4. Check the Discharge Line: We will check the discharge line to ensure that water is freely moving through the discharge line. We also check for the potential for freezing.
  5. Maintain Your Crawl Space Liner: If you've repaired and sealed your crawlspace, we will check the CleanSpace® liner and any other components installed in your crawl space.
  6. Check For Problems & Suggest Upgrades: Our technicians don't just quickly run through a list of parts and move on. If they see an emerging problem, they will suggest upgrades or solutions that will proactively protect your home. That's how we ensure your home stays dry all the time.

A Lifetime Pump Warranty?

Flood Warning!

If you don't have a battery backup sump pump installed in your home, even a properly functioning sump pump system will fail if there's a power outage or blown fuse.

Your service visit is a great time to have a battery backup added. Ask your technician for details!

Your sump pump runs on mechanical parts and like all mechanical things, it can eventually break down. This is true with even the best pumps on the market. If a sump pump warranty offers "free replacements", then you need to ask yourself: "When would I ask for my free replacement?"

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is "After your pump has failed and your basement is wet". Waiting until that happens will likely end up costing you a lot of money in the long run. Instead, choose a better system up front.

Foundation Recovery Systems installs only the highest quality sump pumps, and with our annual maintenance program, you can be sure that you will be protected no matter what happens. Call us today at 1-855-313-9895 or contact us online to get a free estimate on sump pump services in Columbia, Kansas City, Springfield, Overland Park, Independence, St. Joseph, Lawrence, Jefferson City, Shawnee, Lee's Summit and the nearby areas.

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