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Foliage clogged gutters.

Mold Growth in Your Attic

When gutters fail, they may overflow and soak into your attic, causing mold growth and wood rot. Call FRS today for a free inspection!

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mold and water in attic

Ah yes, the attic – a useful storage space where family memories, holiday decorations, and boxes filled with miscellaneous items rest until needed.  

Unfortunately, your attic is highly susceptible to moisture damage. Gutters help defend the space from water, but when they aren’t working properly, water can quickly overflow into your attic and cause issues.  

Let’s look at why exactly faulty gutters can cause mold growth in your attic. That way, you can keep an eye out for gutter problem signs and better understand why replacing damaged gutters is important. 

Why Mold Grows in Your Attic

Mold thrives in dark environments ripe with moisture and organic material. When water gets into your attic, it creates these conditions and quickly gives mold the opportunity to grow.  

So how exactly does the water get into your attic? Faulty gutters cause water to overflow and leak into cracks and voids in your roof. Here are the gutter problem signs that may lead to mold in your attic.  

Foliage clogged gutters.

Clogged Gutters

Due to their position, many types of debris can clog your gutters. Things like branches, twigs, leaves, pine needles, or tree moss may fall into gutters and disrupt the flow of water.

When this happens, water becomes trapped in the gutter trough and continues to build whenever it rains or snows. Eventually, the water will pool so much that it begins to spill out of the gutter.

If water can leak onto your roof or close to the top of your home’s siding, it can be absorbed by wooden beams in your attic. This leads to rotting wood, a perfect surface on which mold feeds and reproduces.

Rusty gutters

Rust and Damage to Gutters

Since they are located outside, gutters must contend with weather conditions like rain, humidity, wind, or snow. In Moberly, we generally get more than 40 inches of rain and 15 inches of snow per year. Over time, all this water can cause wear and tear to your gutter system.

Problem signs like rust or joint separation can make it harder for gutters to move water effectively. As a result, water may overflow or simply leak out of the gutters and into your attic, causing mold growth. 

Gutters detaching from home.

Improper Gutter Slope

Gutter slope refers to the slight angle at which every gutter is tilted to allow water to move toward a downspout. If your gutters have an improper slope, water is likely to soak into your attic.

Too small of a slope causes water to pool and eventually overflow out of the gutter. Too large a slope causes water to move at fast speeds which can lead to it splashing over the sides and onto your home.

In either case, moisture can get into your attic and create the necessary environment for mold to grow and thrive.


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Schedule Free Inspection

Trust Local Gutter Experts for a Reliable Gutter Solution

Mold is a dangerous and destructive force once it takes hold anywhere in your home, particularly not-often-frequented areas like the attic. That’s why prevention is key, and so is having a reliable gutter system to protect your home.

Our expert team at Foundation Recovery Systems exclusively offers AquaGuard Gutter Solutions that range from gutters and downspouts to buried discharge lines and outlets. These systems, made of high-quality materials, work in tandem to collect and redirect rainwater away from your home.

These beneficial features allow our solutions to protect your home and prevent water damage like mold growth:

  • All-in-one seamless gutter design, complete with trough and topper
  • Aluminum construction
  • Custom-made for your home and assembled on-site
  • Installed by liquid adhesion
  • Backsplash lip prevents water backflow
  • Wide-mouth outlet for quick drainage
  • Comprehensive warranty and maintenance coverage

Attic Mold Growth


Yes, damage to gutters is likely to cause leaking or overflowing, which makes it possible for water to get inside your home. By extension, mold can grow inside your house.  

Absolutely, especially if your gutters are rusty or the water has been collecting in the gutter trough for a while. Bacteria can grow in these cases and can transfer to your hands if you clean your gutters. 

No matter how or when you decide to provide maintenance to your gutters, make sure to wear gloves while you do so, or wash your hands afterward.  

The traditional DIY recommendation for mold is to use solutions like bleach or mildew spray. However, this can be dangerous and it does not tackle the root of the problem. For the best results, you should consider working with a professional mold removal company.  

Keep in mind that mold on your gutters could indicate mold on the side of your home or inside structures like the roof or attic. Make sure to have your home inspected if you notice mold anywhere. 

Address Gutter Concerns with Professional Help from Foundation Recovery Systems

Foundation Recovery Systems is proud to offer gutter services to homeowners in Moberly. If you notice gutter issues like mold in your attic, gutter leaks, clogs, or other problem signs, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free inspection and repair estimate.  

If you have more questions about gutters or our other services, continue exploring our website. We are committed to solving the problems affecting your home.  

At FRS, we pride ourselves on fast service, responsive customer service, and a quality job every time! 

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