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Gutters and roof

Improper Gutter Sloping

Gutter slope is important because it determines the flow of rainwater. Too little slope, and the water won’t move. Too much, and water will quickly overflow over the sides. FRS can provide all the info you need to avoid this issue.

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gutters attached to a house

Gutter slope, also known as a gutter pitch, refers to the degree to which your gutters tilt downward.

Yes, even though your gutters look like they are parallel to the roof, they have a slight slope (ideally, 1/16 inch per foot). This downward slope allows water to flow toward a downspout.  

Unfortunately, when your gutters are sloped improperly, a few issues are bound to arise.

At Foundation Recovery Systems, we want homeowners to be well-prepared, so let this be your guide to gutter slope, issues caused by improper sloping, and a superior gutter solution you won’t have to worry about damaging your home.

What Happens When a Gutter Has an Improper Slope?

When a gutter suffers from an improper slope, blockages are likely to form due to debris getting stuck inside the gutters. Additionally, without a proper gutter slope, water can pool inside the gutter trough. 

This is a problem because the increasing water level puts your gutters under a lot of stress and weight. Over time, this may cause joint separation, rusted gutters, or collapsed gutters. 

gutters improperly sloped and detaching from a home

Another factor caused by pooling water is that it will rise and overflow out the sides of your gutters. As a result, it will leak down the sides of your home, which can lead to wood rot or discoloration and staining. 

Additionally, as the water makes its way down the side of your home, it pools around your foundation. This may cause foundation cracks and water damage in your basement or crawl space.   

Do any of these issues sound familiar? Contact our skilled technicians for a FREE, no-obligation inspection to ensure that your gutters are properly sloped and functioning to protect your home from excess water. 

Causes of Improper Gutter Slope

The reasons behind an improperly sloping gutter system are closely tied to the problems associated with this issue, including:

  • Gutter clogs
  • Heavy water in the gutter trough
  • Sagging, detaching gutters
  • Missing hangers and screws
  • Improper installation


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Dealing with Improper Gutter Slope

overflowing gutter in the rain

If your gutters look like this during a storm, overflowing and bending under the weight of water, you could be dealing with an improper gutter slope. Thankfully, there are ways to address the issue and fix it before water damage or structural problems result.

There are some things homeowners have done to try to correct the problem themselves, like using a level to measure slope, removing standing water, and unclogging their gutters of leaves and debris.

However, these tasks can be dangerous and lead to further damage. For the best results and to ensure your gutters have the right slope, trust experienced gutter experts to install your gutter system.

How Professionals Install and Slope Gutters

At FRS, we offer the AquaGuard Gutter Solution, an all-in-one unit complete with a 6-inch gutter trough and slotted hood. Our superior system handles more water and quickly drains it so it won’t collect inside or weigh down the system.

Here’s a look at how we install the system and ensure it is correctly sloped:

Inspector Assessment

  • Take measurements of the house, roof pitch, gutter slope, etc., with a level and laser tools
  • Take photos of the house and landscape
  • Create a detailed scale drawing by hand and computer

Installation Day

  • Remove and dispose of existing gutters
  • Measure gutter locations
  • Custom-create gutters on-site
  • Measure gutter slope, ensuring 1/16 inch slope per foot
  • Attach gutters with liquid adhesion

Gutter Slope


Yes, you can adjust your gutter’s slope and avoid having to replace the entire gutter system. However, climbing a ladder, taking measurements, and correctly sloping the gutter system can be a dangerous undertaking on your own. For effective results, make sure to have the pitch adjusted by a gutter repair professional.

Leaking gutters can cause quite a few issues like damage to siding, foundation cracks, wood rot in your attic or crawl space, and rusty gutters. All these lead to structural issues around your home. 

You should replace gutters that are rotting, peeling, cracking, or covered with mildew. All of these are signs that your gutters are failing or close to failing completely.  

Address Gutter Concerns with Professional Help from Foundation Recovery Systems

Foundation Recovery Systems is proud to offer gutter services in Moberly, MO. If you are experiencing gutter issues like improper slope or other problem signs, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free inspection.  

Plus, if you have more questions about gutters or foundation services, continue exploring our website. Our team of experts is committed to solving the problems affecting your home.  

At FRS, we pride ourselves on fast service, responsive customer care, and a quality job every time! Don’t let issues like improperly sloping gutters impact your home. Contact us today!

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