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Rusty gutters

Gutter Rust and Discoloration

Gutters can rust, discolor, and break over time. Fix and replace these crucial water management systems with professional assistance from Foundation Recovery Systems.

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Controlling water around your home starts with an efficient gutter system. However, if the gutter and downspout system is compromised in any way, your property could experience serious damage. 

Look at your gutters closely. Your home may be in danger if you notice rust or other discoloration. But it can be fixed, and professional repairs are very helpful. 

We’ll uncover more about rusty and discolored gutter problems, how they happen, how they affect your home, and how Moberly-based pros can help you find a permanent solution. 

What is Gutter Rust and What Causes It?

If you look up at your gutters and see dark spots that appear reddish or orange, odds are it is rust or corrosion. Gutter rust, corrosion, and discoloration can have many sources, and several of them involve one key element, water. 

Below, we’ll delve further into that, as well as other sources: 

Rusty Iron rod

Water and Oxidation

Rainwater is collected by gutters, which are attached below the roof and keep water from pooling around your property. As a result, gutters are continually in contact with water. Your gutters will be put to the test, especially because Moberly experiences more than 40 inches of rain a year, as well as frequent flooding. 

Gutter rust and discoloration are caused by a particular chemical reaction, which you can get a closer look at here. When iron and oxygen come into contact with moisture from the air or water, rust, often referred to as iron oxide, forms. This is typical in moist, muggy places like Moberly. 

Rust and discoloration are far more likely to occur if water is allowed to sit in a gutter, whether as a result of faulty installation or obstruction. Rain can also be a little acidic, which makes rust grow when it corrodes the gutters.

snow-covered gutters


In addition to rain and humidity, other environmental factors also are at play in gutter damage. 

This includes pollen. Whether they are the huge, “fluffy” particles you can plainly see or are too small to visibly discern, several forms of pollen contain acidic qualities that might lead to rusted gutters. 

Over time, extreme temperature fluctuations, such as muggy summers to cold and snowy winters, may have an impact on gutters’ stability.  

White gutters

Gutter Materials

The way gutters are manufactured has a significant influence on how well they can withstand the weather. 

Several metals, including galvanized steel, are used to make gutters. However, aluminum’s all-around durability makes it the most popular choice.

Aluminum is inexpensive, lightweight, and often rust-resistant. 

Clogged gutters being cleaned by gloved hand.

Debris and Other Items

The roof’s tar and asphalt might degrade and wash into your gutters, perhaps leaving behind black streaks. 

Your gutter may also fill up with leaves and debris, as you can see here, as well as general dust and filth.
In addition to having an issue with the blockage, excessive amounts of material in the gutter might attract bugs that will leave behind droppings and other damage. 

Problems with Gutter Rust

Other consequences for your property from rust and discoloration on your gutters include: 

  • Reduced property value and appearance 
  • Leaking gutters 
  • Roof and attic leaks 
  • Leaks in the basement or crawl space 
  • Foundation cracks, deterioration, and similar damage 
  • Water damage and stains on the home’s interior or exterior 

No More Gutter Rust With the FRS Gutter Solution

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Schedule Free Inspection

Combat Gutter Rust with a Trusted Professional Solution

As you can see, rust is a powerful issue that leads to a host of problems around your home. Simply covering it only masks its appearance and allows it to continue to wreak havoc. Plus, any self-inspection or DIY repairs can be dangerous.

Ensuring your gutters are sturdy and equipped to handle our area’s frequent rains is essential. Our team at Foundation Recovery Systems can help with a free, thorough inspection of your home and the installation of a state-of-the-art solution.

Our AquaGuard Gutter Solutions are made of quality materials to give your home the protection it deserves. Other features that set it apart include:

  • Rust-resistant aluminum construction
  • All-in-one seamless design
  • Tailored to your home and assembled on-site
  • Slotted hood
  • Backsplash lip
  • Wide-mouth outlet
  • Removable end cap

Gutter Rust and Discoloration


Yes, but this is a temporary solution that merely restores the gutters’ appearance. It does nothing to address why the gutters are rusting. 

The rust may be concealed for a while, but the paint will not hold up forever. The rust and other discoloration can easily reappear.

You can scrub off rust with a wire brush, paint the rusty gutters, and caulk holes in the gutters. 

However, these are temporary fixes that only cover up how the gutters look. Rust and other problems will only reappear down the road. 

The best way to address rusted gutters is to have them inspected and repaired accordingly, depending on the degree of damage.

It depends on several factors discussed on this page, including: 

  • How much water comes into contact with the gutters 
  • The presence of dirt and debris 
  • Pest damage 

Most gutters can last 20 years or more, but if they have to contend with various problems, they will quickly begin to sustain damage like rust. 

Address Gutter Concerns with Professional Help from Foundation Recovery Systems

Problems with your gutters like rust, corrosion, and discoloration not only look bad, but they also contribute to other gutter issues

The easiest way to stop these damages before they cause major harm is to follow a regular inspection and maintenance schedule. 

However, gutters are not always easily accessible to homeowners who want to inspect and clean them. If you have any concerns about your safety or ability to manage your gutters, get in touch with our experts who serve the Moberly area. 

To identify the source of any current or potential issues, our knowledgeable staff will perform a comprehensive inspection of your gutters, as well as the outside and inside of your home. Then, we will suggest fixes that are most suited to your home’s particular needs. 

To book your free inspection and estimate, get in touch with us right now. 

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